A few years ago, CCTV made “women trafficking dramas” its main theme

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Author | the old cow girls eight children at mission hills xuzhou venture chains, continues to be public opinion attention from years ago, has sparked people’s thinking to the reality.Peep to our country past a few years ago, ten years ago, the attitude of this criminal behavior of abducting and selling women, really make a person feel unimaginably strange!A film called The Woman Who Married the Mountain, which was hotly discussed on the Internet many years ago, may represent the sentiment of the people at that time.When the film was released, the Internet was not developed, but there was a different voice.However, the antipathy and spitfire of some netizens did not prevent the film from becoming a “positive energy” film.It was “positively reviewed and reported” by countless print and television outlets.Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has made no mention of the plight of trafficked women and the violation and abuse of their personal rights.As we all know, a “thing” can be interpreted and analyzed from many angles.From the perspective of human rights and women’s rights, such trafficking and persecution are despicable crimes, but from the perspective of “revitalizing villages,” “reproducing children,” and “increasing population,” are they positive examples?The movie is read from the back in a positive light.The plot goes like this: an old man contributes money to save a kidnapped girl from a trafficker. The man’s son likes the girl but does not deviate.The kidnapping was glorified as a “hero saves someone”, and the woman fell in love with her son because she couldn’t go home, and then married down.The plot turns the reality of rape, torture and trafficking into a kind of humane treatment.It’s nice!This was the mainstream movie of the year!Here’s another example.A few years ago, CCTV had a highly rated TV drama “A Xia”, eight prime-time broadcast.After graduating from high school, A Xia was lured to Shanxi Province, where she was sold to the villagers of a bare stick village.The villagers stirred up two strings, said that as long as the woman pregnant with the doll is hell-bent, ah Xia with two strings of sleep to a plate of kang.A Xia, who had been running away many times, was injured during her escape and later sent to the hospital by villagers, who drank fish soup while accompanying her in bed.Some villagers later said the fish soup was two strings (the man they forced to procreate) bought with money from selling blood.Through a variety of scenes and interpretation, the city of Xia was finally moved.Then “happy” to live in this small mountain village, and the villagers had a good family life.Then, the abducted city knowledge woman began to decide to help the villagers, improve the appearance of the village, and lead everyone to make a fortune together — the interpretation of a shocking, sobbing moving rural love story.In the end, the result was “great success”. The abducted woman devoted herself to rural development and was named one of the “ten people who moved North H” by the local government.(What the fuck!)This is actually the level and “values” of the mainstream media in those days.It was an 8 o ‘clock TV drama on CCTV at the time. Did it represent the social morality of a few years ago?Not exactly, but it does represent the “China” of that time.Such dramas, dubbed “theme TV”, are still aired in prime time, with an audience rating of 4.0%.Later, Internet users uncovered a video of a program promoting the abduction of women as its “main theme.”CCTV a dozen years ago, there is a “large public welfare search column” “Waiting for me”, Ni Ping presided over, because it is a search column, all a large number of abducted women and children’s stories.In one episode, a trafficked woman refuses to meet the son she was forced to give birth to after running away from the buyer, and the show helps the son find his mother.In the show, ray Feifei seeks out his mother, who he claims left him when he was two years old and that his father never mentions her to him.Ni Ping elder sister in the program to find her mother’s thunder feifei, so that as long as you work hard, you will be promising, so that mother will take the initiative to find you.Then, using the influence of the program “call” its mother to take the initiative to “marry”.This was the “attitude” of CCTV at that time, which could help people find their mothers, but turned a blind eye to crimes such as trafficking, abuse and even rape and coercion, which seriously infringed on women’s rights and interests.The show also shows the father and son both crying and needing the woman to go home.Ni Ping urged the boy’s mother to come back to the camera, saying: “The child miss you, how far you go children are pulling you.”What’s even more incredible is that in the picture above, the show released a photo of the baby’s mother, saying they wanted to find her.A trafficked, domestic violence of women, has escaped the sea of suffering, may fundamentally do not want to return to that life, fundamentally has dared not touch the heart of the scar.And CCTV such authoritative media, CCTV host, is actually in the face of hundreds of millions of people across the country, openly tear the abducted women’s weak heart.Are they cruel?That more than ten years ago, CCTV is doing so!CCTV not only helped the husband find someone, but also published photos of a woman who had run away from her abusive husband.Of course, there are also films with conscience at the same time, such as the film Blind Mountain, which directly reflects the fact that a woman was abducted by the boss to a poor village and was tortured, beaten and raped to give birth, which reflects the conscience of some filmmakers and creators.However, in general, the social environment of that time was such that people were accustomed to buying and selling people and wives as nothing.Such folk customs and social moral standards have continued to this day, which is also the important reason why the phenomenon of “being chained and having eight children” still exists in today’s society and the vast remote rural areas.Media is the direction of the social wind.If the media is bad, the social atmosphere will never be good!The media has the function of enlightening people’s wisdom, especially the mainstream media with greater influence and radiation. If these mainstream media also become insensitive, ignore the law, ignore the bottom line of social morality, the society will be completely “saved”.Think of that year, such a “tragic film and TV drama”, has been CCTV and other mainstream media will be “comedy” and the theme of the eulodized, the mentality of how abnormal, the moral bottom line adhering to how low?At that time, the overall level of social civilization and how low?Turning back to the current or contemporary times, we should see the awakening of public opinion, especially the network public opinion, which began to show more civilized factors.This is cause for great comfort.