CCTV Spring Festival Gala special effects why so strong?

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The 2022 Spring Festival Gala, in addition to the “Only This Green” dance, another show that people are talking about, is the Dream of stars.If the Only Green shows China’s cultural confidence, then Dream of the Stars shows China’s technological confidence.The only Green program is based on the only masterpiece of a Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains by wang Ximeng, an 18-year-old painter in the Northern Song Dynasty. It brings people back to the northern Song Dynasty, the heyday of Chinese culture, and brings them to appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture and spirit.”Dream of stars” is based on the modern, based on science and technology, based on bold imagination, taking people into a dream of the interactive space of the universe and the sky, realizing the dream of “reaching the stars and embracing the moon”, highlighting the achievements of China’s space science and technology.There are also some side stories about the program Dream of the Stars.Recently, space travel trio has on-orbit reside for three and a half months, before the war, the astronauts of daughter peace agreement “mom to pick the stars back then, the CCTV Spring Festival gala, dome screen with the aid of XR technology and 720 degrees, to the vast sky, children’s dance” star dream “in the children’s dance into stars,And that little girl that wears red is astronaut Wang Yaping’s daughter namely, her one “mother, pick a star to come back to me”, awakened us each person to bury in the bottom of my heart “star dream” — that is from ancient times mankind to the vast sky’s curiosity, exploration and yearning!As the clock strikes midnight, astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu send lunar New Year wishes to the people aboard the China Space Station.This kind of program design highlights the strong scientific and technological strength of a big country, and the Chinese people have been among the world’s first class in space technology.Not only is China’s space technology among the best in the world, but a basic fact that many people may not be aware of is that China also leads the world in LED light display technology. Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters can’t be filmed without China’s xR virtual filming technology, which also supports this year’s Spring Festival Gala.LED technology, also known as “semiconductor light source technology”, has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, rich color, vibration resistance and strong controllability.Semiconductor light source is regarded as the third generation light source, which can be used in large screen display, traffic lighting, and other fields.In the past, LED light display technology was mostly monopolized by European and American enterprises. But now, with the rise and development of Chinese LED enterprises, the voice of LED light display industry has been firmly controlled by Chinese enterprises. Zhou Ming Technology, the leading LED light display enterprise providing naked eye 3D+AR technology for this Spring Festival Gala, is an outstanding representative.From a small factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, to the manufacturing single champion product awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhuming Technology has ranked first in the world in sales and shipment area of LED screens for six consecutive years.From the development of Continus Technology, we can understand the difficulties and obstacles on the road of the rise of China’s LED industry.Shenzhen Zhuming Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and began to expand overseas markets in 2008 (it was listed in Shenzhen in 2011). In the same year, it encountered the section 337 investigation in the United States.”Only when I received two big boxes of litigation materials did I know I was really facing an international lawsuit,” recalls Lin Mingfeng, chairman of the company.He could not believe that his $100 million business would be subject to the same us investigation as his tens of billions peers.He immediately dropped his other work and flew to New York to see a lawyer.The opposing lawyer told him that if he signed the settlement, his business’s exports would not be affected and he would only have to pay $1.But if the agreement is not signed, litigation fees could run into millions of dollars.After contacting the State Industry Alliance and Shenzhen Fair Trade Bureau at the scene, Lin Mingfeng learns that if he reaches a settlement with the other party, it will bring export loss of hundreds of billions of dollars to China’s LED industry.And a settlement would be cited by U.S. investigators as evidence, making it difficult for other Chinese companies to win the case.”I understood at that time that if we settled, it would mean selling the interests of the country and the industry, and I decided to fight the lawsuit even though our economy was very difficult at that time.”According to Lin Mingfeng, the litigation process costs a lot of human and material resources and costs up to tens of millions of yuan. It is hard to deal with, but the experience is worth it.According to Lin Mingfeng, there are three lessons and experiences in the process of entering the international market: one is to learn to abide by and adapt to local laws and regulations;The second is to establish the enterprise’s own intellectual property attack and defense system;Third, we need to have a win-win mentality.He believes that if he did not dare to sword spirit and win-win mentality, the enterprise would not have today.It is precisely with this enterprising and innovative, plain and undecorated spirit, zhouming Technology won the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology manufacturing single champion title;Just by virtue of this cultural confidence and technological confidence, Zhuming Technology has won the first prize of national Science and Technology Progress.LED enterprises with today’s scientific and technological innovation results, also make the 2022 Spring Festival Gala choreography design and previous years are very different!The choreography on the hardware used the advanced LED hd display, at the same time the organic fusion of open hole 3 d, XR, virtual, holographic and other cutting-edge technology, new technology, new ideas and stage effect of blending are interlinked, with 720 ° arc screen create immersive visual effect, highlight the panoramic stage of spaciousness and off stage one integrated mass,Significant three-dimensional sense, strong visual impact, the effect of shock.This Spring Festival Gala is not only a festive feast for Chinese around the world, but also a groundbreaking stage style that will go down in the annals of Spring Festival Gala history, as well as a new benchmark for CCTV’s scientific and technological innovation.As a leader in LED light display industry, Zhuming Technology has been cooperating with CCTV for a long time, and has always been committed to promoting the upgrade of stage design in the field of film and TELEVISION with light display technology, and exploring the comprehensive application of immersive visual effect.This time, Zhuming Technology participated in the stage design of the Spring Festival Gala and provided visual effect solutions for four programs.In this year’s Spring Festival Gala, Zhou Ming gave full play to the advantages of naked eye 3D and AR technology, combined with the integrated solution of light and display, through the perfect integration of lighting and sound effects, created exquisite immersive stage visual effects for many programs of the gala, and presented a unique artistic performance for the Global Chinese.As one of the most representative innovative programs, Dream of Stars transforms the 720° circular screen into the vast starry sky, showing China’s space dream from the perspective of children.On the basis of naked eye 3D and AR technology, Zhou Ming designed planets and cosmic space originally, presenting shocking naked eye 3D effect and 3D choreography visual effect, creating a magnificent vast universe for the audience.Upright in the center of the stage, I saw people dancing in the stars, heaven and earth one scene, launched a dreamlike naked eye 3D “space scroll”.Within 2 hours of the broadcast, more than 30 media reported the program, and the number of weibo readers quickly broke tens of millions. The amazing immersive choreographer, as well as the program design for astronaut Wang Yaping’s daughter to realize her dream, caused a heated discussion on the network and shocked the whole network!The theme song our Time, sung by Zhang Ye and Lv Jihong, is a representative example of this year’s Spring Festival Gala.”Smallpox countless months open, colorful auspicious clouds around jiangtai.”Zhou Ming tailor-made immersive 3D content for the stage, accompanied by the national first-class actors singing loud and clear, Xuelong 2, C919, Striver, Fuxing high-speed rail, Beidou satellite and other images representing China’s scientific and technological development achievements, perfect fit with the powerful lyrics, recounting the history of China’s national power like a collection of family relics.The 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger “In our Time” – Provided by Zhoming Technology with visual effect support, the background and stage are perfectly integrated, combined with 720° surrounding landscape, and the immersive naked eye 3D interactive experience enables the audience to feel the strength and grandeur of the motherland in the happy Atmosphere of the New Year.The naked eye 3D and xR virtual stage created by Zhou Ming not only added interest to the language programs and acrobatic performances, but also highlighted the main tone of “happiness, good fortune and jubilation”, which won the full house.For example, shen Teng and Allen team starred in the sketch “Not yet”, as one of the most anticipated works of the Spring Festival Gala, not only by the new comedians superb performance, people laugh.The 720° loop screen original content perfectly fits the program content, which also allows the audience to immerse themselves in the performance and gain emotional resonance.Ren Jialun, Wang Yuan, Song Qian and Ji Kejunyi sing “True Love Dance” is also a masterpiece.In addition to handsome men and beautiful women and melodious songs, the Chinese acrobatic Troupe with cross-blade support, combined with the original immersive stage background of Zhuming — the gorgeous scene of peacock spreading its tail, highlights the beauty of the integration of technology and art, the stars’ soulful interpretation and the stage design of Zhuming complement each other, jointly offering a wonderful show.2022 Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger “True Love Dance” – visual effect support provided by Zhuming Technology big stars gather, top stage artists, immersive visual effect……2022 Spring Festival Gala, Zhuming participated and won national recognition again, proving zhuming’s absolute strength in the field of light display solutions and customized services.Under the background of the continuous expansion of LED light display application scenarios and the increasingly diversified demands of the public, the importance of content creation is increasingly prominent.With content as the traction, zhuming technology promotes the landing of integrated optical and display solutions, and has achieved quite brilliant results.From the amazing world of embassy, trigger thumb up Saudi carnival season, will open hole 3 d into national celebration celebration of Hong Kong’s return to the project, for the first time to harvest must popularity of chongqing jiangbei, content of hundreds of high-quality goods project fall to the ground, not only solid content “driven” chau Ming new pattern, high quality and provides a new train of thought for industry development.Carnival Season in the Capital of Saudi Arabia “- nearly 7000㎡ large screen and visual effect content provided by Zhuming Technology.Today chau Ming technology can not only provide the hardware – hd screen, but also extended to the field of software and content creation, today it has become a “hardware + software, content and interaction” light show solutions provider, continuous exploration and development in various areas, various scenes of fusion, the winter Olympic Games in Beijing, hangzhou Asian games, Qatar and other top activities at home and abroad,Add luster to people’s better vision, make greater contribution to the better society!Source: Global Times Editor: Nothing