Foreign Ministry: The international community should do more to facilitate dialogue and negotiation

2022-04-24 0 By

On March 30, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin held a regular press conference.On May 29, representatives of Russia and Ukraine held the fifth round of talks in Istanbul.The Russian representative said that this round of talks is meaningful.The Ukrainian representative indicated that Ukraine proposed to establish the status of non-bloc and non-nuclear state in a permanent neutral form.What is the spokesperson’s comment on this?Wang Wenbin said about it, we notice that the row between Russia and Ukraine are released in the middle of the negotiations both sides positive signals, we have always advocated, dialogue and negotiation is the only right way to solve the crisis of Ukraine, we call on both sides to Ukraine, adhere to the direction of dialogue and negotiation, each other, form consensus is a political solution, avoid further escalate the situation, the early resumption of peace.Wang wenbin pointed out that under the current circumstances, the international community should say and do more that are conducive to dialogue and negotiation, support Russia and Ukraine to continue talks, achieve results and achieve peace, and be on guard against adding fuel to the fire, exacerbating contradictions and creating obstacles and adding resistance to the diplomatic solution of the issue.(CCTV reporter Zhao Jingkong Luyuan)