Life, gains and losses follow fate;Gather and scatter, all at will!(Deeply understood)

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Born in the world of mortals, there are always some touched, let us not forget;Rushing about in the world, there are always some worries, let us not let go.Time is in a hurry, life of those bitter sweet and sour, are the gift of time;The sea of life, the time of those joys and sorrows, are the fate of care.Idle down time, look up at the sky, see clouds, the heart will always give birth to a kind of indifferent;Busy time, look at the traffic on the road, the heart will always give birth to a lot of confusion.People in this lifetime, not infected with prostitution, clean and indifferent, is a realm.And, gain and loss follow fate, gather scattered at will, is a kind of enron.Life is short, everyone in order to better day, tired of running, dare not easily stop to stay.However, you will find that the more you put a good heart, the more will not fight, do not complain, do not escape;The more pain you have in your heart, the more difficult it is for you, the more hurt you are, the more difficult it is for you to see and think.So, leave a peace of mind, static see flowers bloom and fall, slowly through firewood, rice, oil and salt fireworks gas, in the green mountains, looking for the vast sky and stars, in the lakes and mountains, looking for good plain days.2022, let our life, gain and loss as fate, gather at will.-02- Read a story.Someone bought a pair of new shoes, but inadvertently, lost a, he looked for a circle, did not find, so he is very lost.When he was dejected, he suddenly saw a beggar with only one foot on the roadside. Suddenly, he was enlightened and turned to happiness: although I lost a shoe, compared with those who have no feet, I didn’t lose anything.So he gave the other shoe to the beggar who lost a foot, and a trace of joy rose in his heart.Because he found the joy of contentment.In life, there are always times when we are in the sadness of losing, worry and sorrow, unable to walk out of the inner pain.However, a lot of things, if your heart can be calm and peaceful, will not be restless, when you look at the light gain and loss, will let yourself with a normal heart, in a calm, indifferent well.Without consideration of gains and losses, there is no increase or decrease in the heart of worry.Perhaps, we can not do not to material joy, not to their sorrow, but we can be happy to laugh at life.No matter what fate gives you, you have to know that God will not concentrate happiness on one person.Have money, not necessarily have happiness;Have love, not necessarily enjoy money;Happiness does not necessarily mean health…In short, there will always be some imperfection for you.Therefore, gains and losses, often is a nidea between;He who is content can always be happy.Hot search, there are always a lot of dazzling on – off couples story.Some lovers, love chanchanmianmian, you are the wind, I am the sand;Some couples, cost hundreds of millions of wedding, full of friends, bustling show off, provoking envy;Some couples, have been together for years, the model couple…But at the moment, it is a bleak bleak, and even some will make a series of such as cheating, cheating, find fault with each other, scold each other, expose each other and so on the ugly drama.You board and I appear, very lively.But I do not know, those love pain, are confused to life.Many people, live half of the life, but also in the edge of marriage to test out, many people, love a few days, tired of seeing the side once said each other “vows of eternal love”.In the end, love becomes a contest between “me” and “me”.Some people, the more love more timid, some people more love more bold, timid people, from then on lost the courage to love, bold people, evolved into “time management master”.At the beginning of the thought of love will last forever, and finally become a parting.Love, like fireworks, flashes bright and then fades.But you feel the root of pain, not because of the love, not because of the past, how can not put down, how much you love him, but just your heart to love there is an obsession.Perhaps your vision of beauty has been spoiled by an experience, so you become afraid to meet new people.Or maybe you can’t feel true happiness in your heart, so you keep looking for and replacing new people.But it’s never a deal.Love, love.Whether it is gained or lost, if there is fate, nature will be together, if fate, do not insist, the time to let go, free and easy to let go.As the Buddhist saying goes, “Seize the land and set the heart.”It means to put down the inner obsession, in order to have a calm and calm state of mind.So, a lot of time, you pay, not necessarily there will be a return, you are eager to “hold your hand, and son xielao”, but not necessarily you meet, will be married.Therefore, let oneself have “things follow the heart, environment created by the heart” heart, in order to multifarious trivial, thin cool bleak society, safely live their own day, but also in the again and again in the release, in the pursuit of again and again, looking for their most want to live out of the appearance.For example, when you put a child who knows nothing but crying in a house full of gold and jewels, it is likely that he will continue to cry, but when you give him a dollar lollipop, maybe he will be very happy.If you find what you like, you can live your own free life.The rich long for peace, the poor for wealth, the sick for health, the old for youth…Everyone has something they want.But god, can not take care of everyone, so, you can only be with its troubles, as smile face, to solve your present barren.Enjoy your own life, don’t envy other people’s cars, BMW, flowers, you know, you are also a beautiful scenery in the eyes of others.People live life, must be low-key, but not inferiority;To plain, but not ordinary;Be safe, but more true.Live the life you love, and everything will be the best.If the heart is full, everything is a natural;Joy becomes pain when the heart is troubled.So, no matter how many gains and losses you experienced honor or disgrace, no matter whether you are in qi feng miserable rain at the moment, as long as you want to open, you did not lose from, as long as you are indifferent, with respect to time bathed in sunshine.2022, the rest of the road is long, wish everyone, can find a peace of mind, gain and loss, gather at random, frank, live out their own rich and wonderful life.Author, calm fox figure, network wish you in my words, find plain years, thick deep feeling!Thanks for your attention!