Villagers from Bobai County in Guangxi have donated 150 million yuan to help promote rural revitalization

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“Although we live, build businesses and succeed in other countries, we have always loved our hometowns. We should make use of our broad vision, flexible thinking and resources to give back to our hometowns and help revitalize rural areas.”Guangxi Bobai County Dongping town Fu Men village Lingjiang row tun township sage Zhang Deke in the town township sage symposium held on the third day of the first month, and on the spot to take the lead in donating 1.16 million yuan.29 villagers participated in the meeting each on the spot donations, driven the town township and party cadres donations broke through 45 million yuan.This is a touching shot of the village sages in Bobai County helping to revitalize the countryside during the Spring Festival this year.According to incomplete statistics, as of the 10th day of the first lunar month, the accumulated donations of township scoundments in Bobai County during the Spring Festival reached 150 million yuan, among which four townships raised more than 10 million yuan in rural revitalization donations (including towns and villages), including dongping Town of 45,434 million yuan, Bobai Town of 18,289,500 yuan, Jiangning town of 17 million yuan, Yashan Town of 10,358,200 yuan.Since the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, Bobai County has built more than 300 demonstration sites of rural revitalization with Hakka characteristics and high-quality construction in the whole region through the promotion and transformation of rural landscape. The rural landscape has taken on a new look.New village New Year, double happiness.According to the tradition of the past, people celebrate the festival without busy visiting relatives and friends.This year, however, people have seen something new: groups of sages from the countryside have visited the construction sites of the villages and put forward pertinent suggestions.Under the organization of the local Party committee and government, the village sages who returned home to celebrate the Spring Festival did not pay New Year’s visit, but did not go to the demonstration sites. They deeply felt the changes and benefits brought by the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in Bobai County.On the first day of the first lunar month, The squibbles of Shapi Town gathered together in the meeting room of the town government.We celebrate the Spring Festival, talk about our hometown and seek development.Liang Qing, a representative of villager who is enthusiastic about public welfare, said, “I have lived in Wuhan for many years, but I am still a Shapi person. I hope to be a watcher of Shapi nostalgia, a participant of Shapi development and a promoter of Shapi harmony with all of you here, spreading positive energy and telling the new story of Shapi well together.”On the sixth day of the first month, yongan town Renzipo village of thousands of acres of mountain ginger base, village sage Chen Ming is busy to more than 40 villagers for technical training, he in the village on this industrial project, a year to the villagers can increase income 500,000 yuan.He not only led the villagers to become rich through the planting of ginger industry, but also led the villagers to donate more than 3 million yuan to renzipo, a small mountain village in the depths of 60,000 mountains, to build a cleaner and more beautiful, comfortable and pleasant, becoming the county’s rural revitalization demonstration point.The Party committees and governments at all levels in Bobai County gathered the strength of the villagers, vigorously promoted the construction of rural revitalization, and took advantage of the opportunity for the villagers to return to their hometowns for the New Year. They organized seminars on rural revitalization for the villagers, conducted on-site investigations and visits, and talked about the construction and development of their hometowns.Seeing the great changes in their hometown, local sages have a strong desire to repay their hometown and contribute to the revitalization of the countryside.Dongping Town Zhang Deke donated 1.16 million yuan, Longping Town Liu Guohui donated 1 million yuan, Longping Town Pang Xiangjuan donated 500,000 yuan……Each one of the hot numbers, all condensed out of the struggle to return home to the construction of the sincere heart.Zhang Deke’s hometown in Dongping Town, Fumen village, Lingjiang pai tun, under his leadership of the new rural construction in full swing, village picturesque new appearance.So far, 3.66 million yuan has been donated to the village, and Zhang plans to donate another 3 million to 5 million yuan for subsequent construction.Zhang deke said with emotion: “This land has nurtured us and cultivated us.These years, we have been wandering and struggling outside for a long time. We have always been concerned about the development of our hometown. It is incumbent on us to contribute to the construction of our hometown and let the villagers live a better life.”(Pang Geping, Feng Maozong, Zhu Si) (Editor: Wu Qian, Ye Bin)