1.6L naturally aspirated, small SUV is very fuel-efficient, real shot changan CS35

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Changan CS35 as a domestic city small SUV models, dominated by changan automobile design and manufacturing, will be officially announced in 2012, is a main went upscale atmosphere, the comprehensive performance of the star of car, after several years, have been millions of sales for the hot style models, occupies a very high position in the market.Today xiaobian will introduce you to changan CS35 2017 1.6L manual luxury.Changan CS35 has a guide price of 63,900 to 87,900 yuan.From the appearance, changan CS35 2017 1.6L manual luxury front face has a moderate style, simple lines are very bright, bring a good visual effect.The multi-strip grille is particularly eye-catching, and is decorated with silver chrome trim. The car’s headlights are more conventional, and the near-light is halogen. In addition, it is equipped with LED daytime running lights and other functions.On the side, this car has a body size of 4170/1810/1670mm and a wheelbase of 2560mm. It is equipped with sunrise tires, and the standard size of front and rear tires is 215/50 R17. Generally speaking, it is very dynamic.In the latter part, its shape is relatively compact, the circular grain makes it look more recognizable, and the silver decorative belt is added in the details, so that the whole exquisite degree is enhanced.Taillight shape more rules, in the night lighting, give a person’s visual effect is more ordinary.Inside the car, the changan CS35 2017 1.6L manual luxury interior style is more primitive, and is decorated with silver ornaments, at the same time, it is also equipped with leather material for covering, and the car is also equipped with cruise control, Bluetooth/car phone, rear parking radar, hill assist, brake assist and other configuration.And the multi-functional steering wheel of this model is made of leather materials, which feel very comfortable, and the function keys are also very rich, so it is more convenient to control.Instrument panel design is direct, the driving parameters of the data have a strong display effect.The instrument panel is equipped with a 3.5 inch driving computer display screen, which is relatively rich in information.The rear space of this car is relatively ordinary, but it can meet the needs of daily life.The rear seat is not only the center headrest, but also has slight bumps in the center of the platform, so middle class passengers may be somewhat affected during long distance travel.In terms of power, the 2017 1.6L manual luxury model is equipped with a 1.6L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, with a maximum power of 125 HP and a peak torque of 160 N · m. It is matched with a 5MT transmission and has a comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.8L/100km.Comments: Although changan CS35 sales in the market is general, but also has certain competitiveness.Furthermore, Changan CS35 this car, its price is also very good, but also has a certain cost performance, if you need, might as well consider starting.