Epidemic prevention and anti-fraud work together

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On February 13, the third round of nucleic acid testing was carried out in the whole city. The Sub-bureau of the Development Zone arranged the deployment in advance, and all the civilian auxiliary police on duty kept in mind the purpose of serving the people, maintaining on-site order at the 44 testing points in the whole region, escorting the orderly nucleic acid testing work.First, strengthening supervision and implementation.In order to do a good job in the security work of nucleic acid testing, the precinct made plans in advance and allocated police forces scientifically and rationally.During the security period, director Wang Shuilin, political commissar Liu Wanli and other branch leaders forward command, to the detection point supervision work, to ensure the implementation of security measures in place.The second is to be on duty in advance.In the morning of early spring, the cold wind hit us. At 6:30 am, all the duty officers of the sub-bureau arrived at their posts in 35 residential communities, villages and nucleic acid testing sites of 9 enterprises, dressed neatly and carrying out duty work with vigorous energy, serious investigation and timely blocked security risks to ensure that nothing is lost.Third, to maintain the order of the scene, all the participants, auxiliary police in accordance with the requirements of the community staff to implement the scene of vigilance, instructions, guidance and other work.”Please don’t worry, get your ID card and health code ready in advance, and queue up for the test in an orderly manner.”At the test site, police patiently advised people to wear masks and keep a safe distance.The scene is orderly, ensuring the sampling work of medical workers.Fourth, carry out anti-fraud propaganda.In order to further promote the anti cheat propaganda, borrow the massive crowd verification testing work, branch, give full play to the role of the “of” a p pluripotent telecom fraud prevention publicity materials, for the case that way, the masses a targeted on holiday, high incidence of epidemic prevention and other special time node in telecom network fraud types, common mode of telecom network fraud and fraud prevention measures.Make every effort to raise the awareness of anti-fraud.Fifth, remember to serve the people.All the policemen on duty always keep in mind the purpose of “serving the people”, care about the masses, timely solve the problems for the masses, further enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the people, and further promote the relationship between the police and the people, police and enterprises.