How does density shadow of grinding glass inside lung return a responsibility?

2022-04-25 0 By

Hello everyone, I’m Su Huiping, a respiratory doctor. Yesterday, when I was broadcasting live, I saw a netizen on the public screen asking: What’s the matter with the density shadow of ground glass in the lung?Today, I will talk about it in detail. The density shadow of ground glass in the lung refers to a lesion showing slight increase in density but still visible bronchovascular bundle on CT. It is an early manifestation of lung diseases, mostly seen in inflammation, edema and neoplastic lesions.If inflammation or edema is present, the ground glass shadow may disappear or remain as the disease progresses.If it is a neoplastic lesion, the density of ground glass shadow will gradually increase with the progress of the disease, and the scope of the lesion will gradually expand, gradually forming what we often call ground glass nodules.This is the meaning of ground glass shadow.If ground-glass shadow is found in the lung, it is suggested that patients should be closely followed up and actively treated. If necessary, the pathology should be clarified to avoid delay of the disease.I hope you have a clear understanding of ground glass shadow after reading today’s content.