The annual drama is endless!Sally and ancient hand feather misunderstanding lifted, fourteen sword Ji into the biggest loser?

2022-04-25 0 By

With the night of Feb.15, douyu dyU team members turned against each other, which soon triggered a hot discussion in the domestic e-sports circle.It is well known that the current host group is also a social figure, so their every move can always bring a high degree of topic, and sure enough, the two people not only broke the privacy of each other when they opened the live broadcast, but even broke the defense of public scolding, which soon caused a lot of netizens and anchors to come to watch and eat melon.Hero league games at the same time as the tiger tooth platform the Sally of the host, also in order to meet the requirements of the netizens’ eat the melon, in the noon of the next day live this melon made before and some clique’s response to selectively, although the comments to all friends and fans water shine at the moment, but followed by self-centered Revelations annual drama again,Once again, the whole Internet is watching.In the evening of February 16, Sally and fourteen sword ji live even mai quarrel, during the two people for the contradiction before the curse war, many net friends have straight call: this program is too close!Although this incident was subsequently settled by the official closure, Sally was not satisfied with it, and finally chose to continue to respond positively to Shijian Ji on the night of 17 after finishing an overnight data collection.I have to say that Sally did her best to prepare after a night of well-grounded and logical comments that sparked a heated debate on the Internet.At the same time, Sally in the face of the small group of betta fish and 14 sword Ji are able to respond and still get the advantage, many netizens saw this comment: Sally is really able to get along.At the same time in response to the second day of fourteen Sword Ji, Sally and ancient hand yu misunderstanding is also removed, so it can be seen that fourteen Sword Ji will undoubtedly become the biggest loser in this event!Not only that, Sally has also been recognized by the entire Internet, many users have called out: The almighty King this person is really implemented!On the other hand, it is not difficult to see the great differences between the anchors of Huya and Douyu.What do you think, netizens?