“Yuanxiao Wonderful Tour” continues the trend of the country, for the traditional culture into the “young” expression

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On February 14, the 2022 “Yuanxiao Magic Tour” jointly produced by Youku and Henan SATELLITE TV arrived as promised.Visual show “Watch mountains and rivers lion dance East” using lion dance this well-known yuanxiao folk, draw a picture of mountains and rivers native land, dance song north and south look;Henan cuisine show “Harmony of Five Flavors” to show the “harmony of five flavors, moderate quality and taste” of Henan cuisine culture;”Five Stars out of the East” a splendid dance to show the heroic spirit……The program integrates multi-cultural elements, continues the aesthetic style of Chinese fashion, and brings the audience an Oriental aesthetic visual feast.To show the beauty of traditional Chinese culture in an immersive way, the re-entry of Yuanxiao Magic Tour is based on the “like-minded” of Youku and Henan TV based on the feelings of traditional culture, as well as the accumulation and deep cultivation of the original cultural programs.Since youku reached a strategic cooperation with Henan Broadcasting and Television in October last year, as a stage achievement of the cooperation, during the Spring Festival, youku and Henan SATELLITE TV staged three parties around traditional festivals such as New Year’s Eve, Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.Innovative Chinese style theme party “New Folk Music Chinese style Night” focuses on the new expression of folk music;Henan’s gala focuses on the concept of “home”;Yuanxiao Magic Tour leads the audience into the world of lights with folk symbols.”China tide”, “national style”, “cultural feast”, “cultural confidence” and other Spring Festival Gala series youku hot words.From the “Wonderful Journey of Tanabata” and “Wonderful Journey of Dragon Boat Festival” and other “Wonderful Journey” SERIES IP in 2021 to the “Chinese Festival” series in 2022, Youku and Henan SATELLITE TV make Chinese traditional culture “beautiful” and “alive” in the deep integration of the media online.It is reported that in 2022, Youku and Henan SATELLITE TV will create the entire Chinese cultural program broadcast belt, the follow-up will also launch qingming festival, Qixi Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth festival and other related programs, and will expand the “Chinese festival” series into “Chinese solar term” series.In addition, Youku has also cooperated with Tianjin SATELLITE TV in the youth cultural heritage program “Youth Guarding Artists”, and self-made variety shows such as “Chinese Chao Yin”. Youku constantly excavates cultural treasures and promotes the traditional cultural content of the platform to be young and diversified.By means of operation, product, technology and other platform side, Youku innovates the program pattern of “Youth Guard artists”, and makes “value amplifier” through community interaction, Chinese video, derivative development, and “bullet time” technology, so that traditional culture can better connect with young audiences.In order to make cultural programs more down-to-earth and more popular, Youku subdivides the interest circle of programs and establishes “Deyun Society Talk, Learn, amuse and sing circle” in the community to accept large-screen users with a variety of interactive games such as cool meme topics, Deyun Big Coffee Challenge, and exclusive guest landing.In the development of derivatives, we dig into the new consumer needs of young people, focusing on the design of folding fans, ornaments, mobile phone cases and other trends to improve the consumption experience of young users.The show also uses “bullet time” technology to capture the beauty of martial arts in slow, still shots.In terms of self-made programs, The reality show China Tide Music uses modern instruments and techniques to explore and inherit the essence of traditional culture.Not only did national chao music such as Jiu ‘er + Sedan, Chi Ling and Bai Lu emerge, but also konghou and other ethnic instruments were known by the young people.It is reported that more than 70% of youku users under the age of 35 watch “Young Artists” and “China Tide Music”, showing a growing love for traditional culture among young people.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zu Weiwei editor Gong Lifang