Changsha County six arts Tianjiao Songya Lake kindergarten held yuanxiao garden activities

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New Hunan client February 14 news (correspondent Ding Ruiyan Strait) February 14, in the first day of the kindergarten, Changsha County Liuyi Tianjiao Songya Lake kindergarten carried out a colorful Lantern Festival activities.Yuanxiao has a long history on the 15th day of the first lunar month. It is a traditional festival in China as people welcome spring.Changsha County Six arts Tianjiao Songya Lake kindergarten in the Lantern Festival activities in the form of “garden.”Children dressed in red or Han clothing participated in various garden activities in an atmosphere of fun and free play.This activity is divided into four stages: auspicious tiger greeting children, ceremonial performance, garden activities, lantern guessing riddles.In the solemn flag-raising ceremony and changsha County six Arts Tianjiao Songya Lake Kindergarten under the warm blessing of li Le opened the prelude of the activity.Next is the time for the Lantern Festival, which the children are most looking forward to.Park from the manual, food, sports three categories respectively set up the art knead dough people, hand-painted lanterns in the festive atmosphere, the lantern riddles, round yuanxiao, sour with sweet tanghulu, fun dragon and lion dance and other traditional Lantern Festival activities……According to children’s different age characteristics, the activities are carried out in the form of small-class centralized games and middle and large classes independent games. Through the game Settings such as collecting stamps and punching cards, children can gain experience in the game and feel the happiness of the game.Lanterns are indispensable decorations in traditional Chinese festivals, which represent “auspice and joy” and add a festive atmosphere. Dough figurines convey moving stories through their images, which can tell relevant historical stories to children through traditional cartoon images.At the same time for art education and art creation, folk art expression and inheritance bring great surprise.Children give full play to their imagination, with their own hands, cut out their favorite style, pinch their favorite appearance.In the handicraft activities, the garden also set up handmade lanterns, painted masks, tie-dye, paper cutting, weaving, sachet making, fu painting, dough figurines and other games.▲ Handicraft games include handmade lanterns, painted masks, tie-dye, paper cutting, weaving, making sachets, drawing the character “Fu” (福), knead dough figurines and eating tangyuan on Lantern Festival. It is a traditional custom in China.Eating tangyuan symbolizes reunion. The moon is round, and tangyuan in a bowl means family reunion.The children started to make tangyuan. Colorful glutinous rice balls with fruit juice and vegetable juice rolled in the hands of the children, wrapping good wishes into the round tangyuan.In the food section, primary and middle school students made traditional food such as glutinous rice balls, sugar-coated figures, sugar-coated gourds and happy popcorn under the guidance of teachers.Dragon dance, also known as “playing dragon lantern” and “dragon lantern dance”, is a custom of dragon dance everywhere during festivals and festivals, symbolizing exorcism, avoiding disasters, recruiting auspicious luck, and praying for good weather, peace and prosperity.Dragon and lion dancing is one of the most popular outdoor games among children…Sports, tiger baby, dragon tiger lion dance, pot-throwing, luck again and again ▲ Enjoy lanterns, guess lantern riddles activities at the end of the garden to enjoy lanterns, guess lantern riddles activities.Changsha County Liuyi Tianjiao Songya Lake Kindergarten through the development of rich festival activities, with the children into the Chinese traditional festival – Lantern Festival.Children understand the festival customs in the game, feel the festival culture in the participation, experience the festival joy in the company.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, and we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)