Dream journey to the West: Five steps to wish everyone a happy New Year, wish everyone a lucky year of the Tiger

2022-04-26 0 By

Thank you for your support and love. Five steps to wish you a happy New Year.The year of 2021 has passed, and the year of 2022 has begun. In the New Year, I wish you all a lucky and powerful Year of tiger.First, five steps to reflect on the gains and losses of 2021, you can also reflect on.One: What have you got?Play level 109 again this year, and once again experience the fun of lower levels and experience what easy tasks are.Don’t talk about level 175 all the time. Talk about level 109, level 129.The dream level of five steps is still very average, in the whole dream player, only average, this is not modest, it is true.However, the w of the five steps is more, and all kinds of game content have experienced, so we feel that the five steps understand a lot of the same things.This is not, this year with 7W experience 1 chemistry 4 physics combination, whether or not.Two: What is missing?This is very simple, the game time is much, other time is naturally less, accompany family time is less, this is also no way to matter.Three: gain or loss?A few years ago, 100 billion experience is really good, and then five steps to start ten enlightenment saint, sprint 100 billion experience.This year 100 billion experience is really not good, and then out of a group of saint, this in the end is gain or loss?It’s hard to judge right now. Let’s wait a few years.Second, look to the future.The requirements are not high, I hope the five steps, also hope everyone, every day to give a beast, give a big five treasure, a few more magic treasure every month, a year can have a 150 level of no level.Conclusion: Thank you all for your support and love this year. Five steps later, continue to work hard to create better content.