Guangzhou team locked the playoffs, Guo Shiqiang is not satisfied with the team performance!Foreign aid bandage, fight to get hurt

2022-04-26 0 By

In the game of Guangzhou and Fujian, it’s 1V5 in the first quarter. Gordon is stronger than Lu Bu. One man against a team.Fujian team scored 26 points, 20 of them are Golden got, ask you fierce not fierce.Guangzhou team blossomed in more than one spot, under the leadership of Chen Yingjun and Leaf, established the advantage of 6 points.Gordon led the team to continue to play in the second quarter, the difference is that this section teammates to give some force, someone stood up to score, Li Yiyang hit a 3-pointer, a wave of 8-2 stop Guangzhou team.Guo Shiqiang was not satisfied with the team’s defense and berated the players from the bench.After coming back, Guangzhou team made a mistake, shot an air ball, Gordon made an open three, stopped the jump shot, the rate of the team to complete the reverse, 13-2!Guangzhou team or see leaf and Chen Yingjun, two people with broken score shortage.Guangzhou team this section of the shooting percentage drop, the defensive end and do not do well, into the passive.Then Gordon gave the opportunity, a few strong shots did not enter, gave Guangzhou team a chance to breathe, or see leaf, dominating the basket, a series of sudden dunks will catch up the score.Gordon continued, drawing a foul on a three-point shot, and the two foreign players battled to keep the game tied.Mason came up, both sides fouls constantly, scoring basically by free throws, the pace of the game is very slow, the enjoyment is very low, the first half played a 50-50, Guangzhou team fujian 56-54.In the second half the two sides continued to attack, fujian continued to look at Gordon, Guangzhou looked at Leaf and Chen Yingjun, no one can not guard who, the score was tied.Leaf dunked with both hands, Gordon threw short, Leaf hit threes with a dragon, Chen Yingjun defended Gordon successfully, Leaf played alone without pressure, 2V1 is better, Guangzhou team made continuous killing, made Fujian fouls before 4 minutes, the score finally opened up.Fujian never gave up. Ou Junxuan shot Li Yanzhe, Gordon hit back and made free throws, and then jia Mingru got three fouls to get the margin back into single digits.Fujian union defense effect is good, Guangzhou team can’t score, Li Yiyang’s 3-point shot came, Tian Guisen’s counterattack after steal, narrowed the gap to 4 points, really tough.At the same time, Guangzhou team really gave the opportunity to defend without looking at people or the ball, so that Guo Shiqiang was furious again, do not want to play, do not play, very dissatisfied with the team’s performance.Guangzhou entered the fourth quarter with an eight-point lead, with Chen Yingjun and Leaf driving against Gordon’s ball-handling core for a 5-0 lead that brought the deficit back within safety.Gordon really tired, fight to hurt, had to wear bandages off the bench.It’s hard for Fujian without Gordon. Chen Yingjun broke out again. Nobody can stop him.In the end no miracle happened, Guangzhou refused to upset fujian and thumped them by 18 points 125-107 while securing a playoff berth.It is reasonable for Guangzhou team to win, but Guo Shiqiang is not satisfied with the team’s performance, playing too loose, not paying enough attention to the opponent.If Gordon hadn’t been injured, Guangzhou wouldn’t have won so easily in the last quarter.