The world’s top 500 companies to replace the general manager, Wang Tingge resigned as chairman

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After Caitong Securities (601108.SH) and Zheshang Bank (601916.SH), another listed company with zhejiang state capital background will change its head.On the evening of January 12, C&T Zhongda ( issued a notice regarding the resignation of the chairman of the board, saying that Mr. Wang Tingge has applied for the resignation of the chairman, director and director of the strategy committee of the board of directors due to work arrangements.Cuhk said: “During his tenure as chairman of the company, Mr. Wang tingge has devoted himself to his duties, diligence, reform and innovation, and has made significant contributions to corporate governance, strategic development, business model innovation, capital operation and corporate culture construction.The company and the board of directors would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Wang Tingge for his contribution to the company during his tenure.”According to the annual report of CBC, CBC is a leader in supply chain integration service in China, a pilot enterprise in supply chain innovation and application in China, and one of the most influential commodity supply chain integration service providers in China, which has been listed in the World’s top 500 for 10 consecutive years.According to iFinD data, Wang Tingge, who announced his resignation, was born in October 1961 and started to work in August 1982. He is a part-time professor of School of Management of Zhejiang University, part-time master tutor of School of Economics of Zhejiang University, vice president of Zhejiang Listed Companies Association and Vice president of Zhejiang State-owned Assets Management Association.He has served as district governor and District Party Secretary of Luqiao District, Taizhou City, vice Mayor of Jinhua City, leader of bankruptcy restructuring Working Group of Zhejiang Jinxin Trust, Chairman of Zhejiang International Trade Group Co., LTD., chairman of Zhejiang Property Group Co., LTD., etc.In February 2016, he served as chairman and Party Secretary of C&T Zhongda Group Co., LTD.In a separate announcement on the same day, C&T’s board of directors nominated Chen Xin and Hong Feng as candidates for the company’s board of directors.Chen, who was born in September 1970, served as deputy secretary of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, secretary of the CPC Working Committee of the Development and Construction Management Committee of Hangzhou Bay New Area in Ningbo, deputy secretary of the CPC Quzhou Municipal Committee and mayor of Quzhou municipal Committee, according to the statement.Member of the Leading Party Group and Secretary of the General Office of zhejiang Provincial Government since February 2018, and Secretary General of Zhejiang Provincial Government since March 2018.Flood peak was born in September 1971, a former water heart sub-branch, bank of communications wenzhou branch, zhejiang energy group co., LTD., deputy general manager of finance, party committee member, zhejiang energy group co., LTD., director of the finance department, international trade group co., LTD., zhejiang province assistant general manager and financial department, general manager of operations center (capital),He has been deputy General Manager and Party Committee member of Zhejiang State-owned Capital Operation Co., LTD since December 2019.