To be together, hard to meet, see or not, care forever

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There is always a person, the more try to suppress, the more will be deeply remembered.There is always a feeling, the more efforts to avoid, the more deeply fell.I try my best to suppress his mood, want to let him break free of love fetters, do a wind light cloud light idle person, idle to see flowers bloom, light listen to the wind rain, do not think of the past, do not think of the old, but, in that love between you, my heart has fallen too deep.Deeply lost in the world of missing, silently missing you in the distance, love can not be perfect, love became a lifetime regret, separated by mountains and rivers, no and you accompany each other, only in the heart keep your memory, love you one thousand years.There is a margin, to be together, it is difficult to meet, separated by sorrow heartbroken.There is a feeling, read still in, feeling is not hurt, day by day think your heart hesitation.That a love of flowers fade, leaving me the world’s most lonely acacia.Dear someone, do you know, in the distance where you are not, there has been a person, in the reincarnation of spring flowers and autumn moon, deeply thinking about you in the distance.01 To my dear someone: miss you, read you, but dare not disturb your lights dim, for you.When the flowers bloom, waiting for you.You are in the heart of eternal acacia, is my eternal expectation of the world, think you, read you, but dare not pick up the hand of the phone to contact you, only to the month melancholy, can only look at the flower meditation.Close your eyes, build a dream, in the dream of the flower season, holding your hand, soak up the flowers.I can’t remember how many times I’ve been alone in my dreams, dancing with you, whispering with you.Just, wake up from a dream, but can only bear the lonely alone.The leading edge has been broken, lovesickness, a person, empty to keep the love of two people, dream in their own world, miss you.I should love the rob, love has become an eternal yearning, I think of you silently in my own world, read you, then think, then read, and did not bother you.02 thousands of mountains and rivers, worried about you, if you are well, is a sunny day to forget a truly loved person, really good difficult, my dream outside the dream is to you, are for your acacia.Walk thousands of mountains, wade thousands of waters, I thought distance and time can let me forget you, and then look back, but found that the mind is still everywhere to remember you, you in my heart branded mark is too deep too deep, wipe also wipe not to go.Listen to a love song, tune tune meaning has your mark.Look at a paragraph of text, between the lines are your shadow.The fate between you and me, although time has already changed, but, I have not changed to you, I love you forever.Miss you, miss you, thousands of mountains and rivers, I worry about you silently, only hope that no matter how far you go, must take good care of yourself, let yourself happy, let yourself comfortable, if you are well, is sunny!03 miss you, read you, see or not, acacia will always fulfill your freedom, cast into the loneliness of my missing, a person miss you, a person tears, even if tears into the sea upstream, I will not entwine you.If my silence can make you feel at ease, I would like to a lifetime low to the dust, silently looking up to your clear posture.Miss you, miss you, love your heart can not be returned, the feelings of you can not put down, a miss, deeply suffering my heart, became my dream outside the dream of crazy entanglement.I miss you so much. I miss you so much that I can’t help each other in real life. When I get old, I miss you so much in the soul world.Miss you, read you, love you, love you, see or not, acacia forever, you accompany me a ride, I love you life!