Who finds beauty and who finds beauty

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When I was in middle school, I saw a traditional Chinese painting in my classmate’s home.The Chinese painting shows a young girl bending over flowers to water them.Perhaps lost youth age, the girl in the painting caught and held me directly, she is so beautiful, powder doodle apple face, big eyes, smile on the corners of the mouth of cock and shallow dimples,,,,,,,, this is a little CheFu traditional Chinese painting, the size of magazine, with an iron clip clip, hang on the wall of the classmate’s house.Ask the class who drew it?The students’ answer surprised me: it turned out that the picture was drawn by Teacher Meng from a village school here.That village is called Wulu Village.Later, I thought of a way to steal two large steamed buns at home, and changed the picture in a roundabout way — you know, that was the era of grain book to buy grain, our family of three people, only 20 kilograms of white flour every month.I put the picture on my bed, I do not know how many times a day secretly look at.Every time I see, I think: the world has such a good-looking girl, I do not know the real world, there is no such a charming angel?The whole country was learning from Xiaojin Village that year, and Wulu village was a model.I heard that from the village of Wulu to 80 or 90 years old, down to the babbling children, everyone will make up two lines of poetry.In the autumn, the school organized us to study in Wulu Village. Taking this opportunity, I hurried to visit Mr. Meng, the author of Traditional Chinese painting.As the saying goes, people are like their paintings. How can good-looking people create such beautiful beauties?But when I saw him for the first time, I was surprised to find that the creator of the goddess was a small man with narrow eyes.Forgive me at that time I was still a child, human things don’t understand.When I ran into the village school that day, I caught sight of the only classroom doorway. A squinting young man and a little girl were sitting on the threshold.The little girl was absorbed in her textbook, and the man with the squinting eyes sat beside her, neatly weaving straw plaits and then explaining to the little girl with a smile. (Straw plaits were a semi-processed product bought by the Import and Export Company at that time, and many families were weaving them to support their families.)I ran up to the man with squinting eyes and asked: Is Teacher Meng of Chinese painting there?The man with narrow eyes stood up, smiled and said, I am.I was a little surprised and a little disappointed.Meng teacher probably also saw my meaning, smile in the instant a trace of embarrassment.Are you a student from the county?He asked.I nodded and asked Teacher Meng: is this your daughter?Teacher Meng said that this is my student, her parents have lost, now with grandparents and brother to live together, go to school but also support the family, I find her, one is for her to make up for her lessons, and then along to help her do some work.In the following chat, I sincerely praise his painting, he smiled modestly and said: not all my paintings are good, in our life.And there are some beautiful things.Something beautiful?I can’t see!Meng teacher immediately convergence smile, said in all seriousness: to find the United States, not only with the eyes, but also with the heart!Half a century has passed, like many old people who have experienced vicissitudes of life, many people and many things have been forgotten in the brain, but the words of Teacher Meng, such as in the ear!With these words, let me constantly discover the true beauty of life in the long time, more let me enhance the love of life!