A brief study on the control data of North Feihe River

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Hong-bo pan gains a jing at the foot of the mountain, water standard, vortex huai haunted, jing tu confrontation, there are many rivers and thicken river north river, the scenery pleasant, dayu harnessing of famous story, as a collector for dayu water conservancy, harnessing the huaihe river, water conservancy project related data and objects give special attention to, the recent collection to a set of huaiyuan liberation north river governance related information,It aroused my great interest, which has certain practical significance for understanding and studying the governance work of the North Feihe River in our county.Engineering command post pass north north fei rivers and waterlogged river engineering command post card of political section personnel supply stock transfer north river and waterlogged engineering first brigade command post of introduction engineering north river harnessing the huaihe river commission and waterlogged command post cadre training class of introduction engineering north river and waterlogged sixth brigade command post of introduction engineering command post north river and waterlogged area administrative shares of introduction mengcheng ShiGongChu bengbu post office report1. Relevant historical materials (data) Recorded content Water Channel note gully chapter: Water of north Feihe River flows into vortex from southeast of northwest Zesuo of Shansang County.Press: mountain mulberry namely city of flaw of mengcheng county, now wu jia collects.The Feihe River is twenty miles northeast of Huaiyuan County, reaching Longshan Lake in Suxian County and reaching Huaiyuan Shuangdun Village (now Huaishang District of Bengbu City) in the southeast.Qing Yongzheng Huaiyuan County zhi: Feishui from mengcheng north east flow to the county justice village and other places for huge immersion, middle fish Duck duck lotus root, poor people to make a living.Summer lotus open such as dew, jin overelaborate then day mi, also wonders.At the end of the Chongzhen period of the Ming Dynasty (according to: that is, Li Zicheng rebel army) was repeatedly looted, where the refuge of the city of the people who learned without fear, cover water Diffuse Yan, miao miao boundless, thieves wang Yang and go.Content: North Feihe River is located at the north bank of huai River. It was silted up in daoguang Period of Qing Dynasty. In 1899, the water was diverted from Mohekou to Huai River by Fangchuanggou.However, the lower reaches of the North Feihe River are low-lying, and there is no outlet for the internal water in flood season.The 90 edition of Huaiyuan County Records: Water system adjustment: fei into the xie.The lower reaches of North Feihe River are low-lying, and the flood level of Huaihe River is 2 ~ 3 meters higher than that of the depression in flood season.In 1953, he built a dam in Caoheban, excavated a new Feihe River from the ground, and diverted the water from the North Feihe River into the Xieche River.South of the New Feihe River from the lower reaches of Sifang Lake shiyanggang, to the north by Zhang Bayying truncated Qinggou River, after cutting off Lugou in the north of Guozhuang, to the Song Bridge into the Xiepei River.The total length is 18.94 km, the level is dug 5 meters deep, the river bank is 40 meters wide, the river bottom elevation is 15.5-14 meters, the slope is 1:2, and the design maximum flow is 211 seconds cubic meters.Construction began in March 1953.Completed in January the following year, sui Xi and Huaiyuan counties jointly constructed with more than 60,000 migrant workers, making 4.256 million cubic meters of earthwork.According to the 92 edition of “Annals of Wuhe County” : the dredging of the lower reaches of the North Feihe River: the lower reaches of the North Feihe River is from huaiyuan North Feihe River Quadrangle gate below, huaiyuan, Bengbu suburb, Guzhen county to the North Feihe River gate stop, a total length of 40.1 kilometers, there are 12 kilometers in the territory of the Wuhe River, a total area of 508 square kilometers.It is a major tributary of the Huaihe River drainage.Dredging was carried out before the founding of the People’s Republic of China. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it was led by the former North Feihe River Flood removal project command post and mobilized huaiyuan workers to dredge in the winter of 1955. The county completed about 360,000 cubic meters of earth.The river bottom is 8 meters wide, with an average depth of 3-3.5 meters and a displacement of 120 cubic meters per second.The south bank is feihe wei, and the north bank is Feibei Wei and Longmiao Wei, both of which are inland rivers ensuring dikes.At the exit, the old mohekou gate was dismantled and rebuilt into a north Feihe gate to prevent huai water from backflow.According to the hydrological records of the North Feihe River for many years, the flood level of huaihe River is generally higher than that of the North Feihe River in flood season, and the longest time can last for two or three months, making the north Feihe River become a backwater.Upstream through Guzhen County Gizigou drainage river, but the standard of gizigou drainage is too low, can not solve the flood problem of north Feihe River.Therefore, the flood outlet of the North Feihe River has not been solved yet.Water Conservancy Records of Huaiyuan County (1911-1985) : in 21 years of the Republic of China, the 12th Engineering And Present Bureau dredged the lower reaches of the North Feihe River, among which the Bengbu section was about 8 kilometers long and 304,000 cubic meters of earth was made.The initial plan is to excavate the bottom width of 60 meters, in fact only 30 meters wide.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, from 1951 to 1953, the North Feihe River was reformed by the Huai Control Committee, and the new Feihe River was dug into the Xieche River, and 2,253 square kilometers of water area was cut from the middle and upper reaches (the remaining basin area was 613 square kilometers).However, due to the disrepair of the downstream embankment, the Bengbu section was still the “Zeguo” during the flood in 1956.According to “North Feihe River governance project drainage planning” : north Feihe River is between vortex river and hui River, source of Henan Shangqiu, in the pai set above called Yanghe River.It flows through Bozhou County, Guoyang and Mengcheng, flows into our county at Wabu, crosses Sifang Lake, exits east of Meiqiao, passes huangjiadu of Bengbu, passes Jinpu Railway, and enters Huaihe River at Mohekou of Wuhe County, with a total length of 225 meters and a total drainage area of 2860 square kilometers.In 1951, Yangdahe river, the upper source of North Feihe River in Bo County, was cut into the vortex to reduce the burden of downstream.In 1953, the North Feihe River basin was brought under comprehensive control.The vortex is introduced into the basin area of 600 square kilometers above Qinggong set in the upstream of Guoyang.In the same year, he blocked and dammed the River at Caojiadao, Our county, and cut the Feihe River into two sections. The upper part was led into the Xiecei through the New Feihe River, and the lower part still entered the Huai River from the mouth of Mohe River.Flood and waterlogging disasters in the downstream areas have been greatly reduced.The upper source of north Feihe River now starts from Liujing near Qingyang River, Woyang, and is 111.1 km long to Liuqiao gate (Caojifan), including 51.5 km in our county and 16 km in its downstream.The basin area has been adjusted for several times, now there is a bonus of 1473 square meters above Caojiacoufan and 613 square kilometers downstream.The total drainage area of Feihe River in our county is 1047 square kilometers, of which 227 square kilometers are below Caojifan, accounting for 44% of the total area of the county, and the cultivated land area accounts for 50% of the county.At present, because the new Feihe river is small above the caojiban barrage, flooding along the Feihe River has not been removed, and needs to be further treated.2, north river and waterlogged engineering command post and working mechanism According to the data records and text report, in February 1953 to set up the north river harnessing the huaihe river commission and waterlogged engineering command post, in our county package assisted temple set, is responsible for the project, the north river basin and waterlogged command post about staff one thousand people, the secretary-general 张祚萌 and political commissar, Lu Shiji conductor,In March of the same year, the county headquarters of the Huai Army was abolished and the personnel were merged into the North Feihe Command post.Wu Shoujing, head of the political personnel unit of the North Feihe River Waterlogging control Office, was later appointed deputy magistrate of the sixth People’s Committee of Huaiyuan County.In 19584, the command post of the North Feihe River waterlogged removal project was abolished, and most of the personnel and assets were merged into huaiyuan Water Conservancy Bureau, and moved to the former north Feihe River command post on Wenchang Street, thus completing the phased mission.The North Feihe River Waterlogging Control Post is directly under the jurisdiction of the Huai River Control Committee.The working mechanism is as follows: unified command of the huaihe River Control Committee, cooperation of local government and assistance of neighboring cities and counties.In the work and pay attention to cadre business training, thus ensuring the effectiveness of the work.In some regions, specially designed commemorative badges were given to those who participated in the waterlogging project, and the honor system was well implemented.In April 1958, the command post of the North Feihe River waterlogged removal project was abolished, and most of the personnel and assets were merged into huaiyuan County Water Conservancy Bureau, and moved to the former north Feihe River command post in the north of Wenchang Street, thus completing the phased mission. In this way, the North Feihe River waterlogged removal project laid a solid foundation for training and exercising water conservancy cadres.Policy background: On November 2, 2021, Ma Tianqi, river chief, Standing Committee of CPC and Organization Director of Bengbu City, held a special dispatching meeting on water environment control of North Feihe River (lower section).The meeting was attended by officials from the Huaihe River Basin Ecological Supervision and Management Bureau of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Municipal Ecological environment Bureau, the municipal Water Conservancy Bureau and county and district river chiefs.The municipal Ecological environment bureau reported the investigation and verification of ecological environment problems in North Feihe River by PPT.The river chiefs of the county and district reported the water quality targets of the national control section of the North Feihe River into the Huaihe river estuary and the time limit of reaching the standard, combined with the difficulties in the regulation of the north Feihe River.As an important link of the work line of “grasping the two sessions, pushing the two bases, showing new trade, brightening huaihe River, promoting cultural travel and creating happiness” of Bengbu Municipal Party Committee and Government, “Brightening Huaihe River” project is the “urban green axis” determined by the 12th Party Congress of Bengbu.”Liang Huai River” project phase I, phase II have started construction.Conclusions and considerations: first, the focus of governance of Beifeihe River has been changed from waterlogging removal to ecological environment protection. The “Five Development concepts” have been followed in the new period, and the “river chief system” has further strengthened the organizational leadership of governance.Second: combined with bengbu city’s “Beautiful Huaihe River” project, Huaiyuan County should press itself and dare to explore. The wetland along the North Feihe River, Sifang Lake Scenic area, Guxiang County ruins and Tenghu Airport airport area should be combined as a cultural and tourism project for centralized planning and construction, focusing on attracting investment.Third: combining rural revitalization, the north river area along the river county-rural industry for scientific planning, completes the industry guidance, breeding, cultivating good agricultural special products development and production, with “flag pilot” for the gripper, recruit “web celebrity” power, attract more outside and migrant workers and college graduates returning home business, the implementation of the “new farmers plan”, and stronger “web celebrity” economy.About the author: Pan Hongbo, member of Anhui Collectors Association, Member of Anhui Writers Association, Director of Bengbu Museum, member of Huaiyuan County CPPCC,