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The Dow was down 1.45%, the Nasdaq 3.74%, and the S&P 500 2.44%.Xinhua News Agency: $30 trillion, that’s the size of the U.S. federal government’s debt.$31.4 trillion, that’s the debt limit for the U.S. federal government.If the debt ceiling is compared to the “credit card limit” authorized by congress for the US federal government to borrow money, it is highly likely that the US government will “Max out” this “credit card” again in the short term in the context of the expansion of fiscal spending and the Federal Reserve is preparing to enter the interest rate hike cycle.CCTV news: The Russian and French presidents had a phone conversation and exchanged views on the situation surrounding Ukraine.On the evening of February 3, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin and His French counterpart Emmanuel Macron exchanged views on the situation surrounding Ukraine and Russia’s security guarantee.During the call, Mr. Putin again reminded all parties to take note of the Ukrainian government’s provocative words and actions that run counter to the Minsk agreements.It was the third phone call between the Russian and French leaders in seven days.Finance and economics: The Bank of England raises its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points.The Bank of England raised its benchmark interest rate by a quarter point to 0.50% and plans to end its purchases of corporate bonds altogether.The Bank of England said further “moderate tightening” was likely in the coming months.When interest rates rise to 1 per cent, the Bank will consider actively selling gilts.Cfa: The ECB left its three key interest rates unchanged.The ECB left its main refinancing rate unchanged at 0%, its deposit facility rate at -0.5% and its marginal lending rate at 0.25%.Members of the central bank’s governing board agreed at their February 3 meeting that it was reasonable “not to rule out a rate hike in 2022”.The end of the bond purchase program under the Asset Purchase Program (APP) is likely in the third quarter.The management committee has yet to make a decision.Federation of Finance: $237.5 billion!Meta set a new record for the largest one-day market value loss.Meta Platforms fell more than 26% Thursday, meaning the company has lost $237.5 billion in market value in just one day, beating the previous record of $180 billion lost by Apple in September 2020.The main trigger for the sell-off was Wednesday’s after-hours earnings report, which not only missed expectations but also surprised the market with first-quarter revenue guidance.Earlier, Zuckerberg announced a mobile version of Horizon World this year.Securities Times: so-called 14,000 orders, only a few hundred people actually pay?Jia yueting was exposed as a fake.On February 2, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website showed that a special committee composed of independent directors of Faraday Future (FF) has completed its investigation and filed an 8-K with the SEC.In addition, the document singled out the company’s pre-merger statement that it had received more than 14,000 bookings for FF 91 vehicles as potentially misleading.However, the document also highlighted that other allegations against the company, including an earlier short selling report by J Capital Research, were not supported by the review’s evidence.Finance union: Shenzhen in January only 1557 second-hand residential transactions, another decade low.Data from shenzhen’s official platform showed that in January 2022, only 1,557 second-hand residential houses were sold in Shenzhen, with a transaction area of 147,300 square meters, a year-on-year drop of -75.04%.This is the second time shenzhen second-hand residential monthly transaction below 2,000 units, down from 1,605 units in October last year, another record low in nearly a decade.Financial association: baijiu plate section is expected to get off to a good start?Top flow Hou Hao Spring Festival hair claimed that the liquor plate still maintain confidence.Can “Public fundraising favorites” get off to a good start after the Spring Festival?Just yesterday, China Merchants Fund quantitative investment department deputy director Hou Hao announced the latest hair, for the first quarter liquor enterprise payback and performance certainty still maintain confidence, optimistic about last year’s high growth enterprises, consumer stocks this year performance and valuation space has a certain certainty.On the whole, he believes that those that represent the yearning for a better life and the improvement of efficiency of high-quality development, as well as the direction of new technological change and policy guidance, can persist in seeking suitable investment opportunities.China Times: The Box office hit 3.3 billion yuan on The third day of the Spring Festival, with Watergate Bridge leading the way and Sniper’s word-of mouth down.As of 17:00 On February 3, the box office for the Spring Festival had exceeded 3.3 billion yuan (including pre-sale ticket sales), with “Watergate Bridge”, “The Killer” and “Four Worlds” topping the list with 1.47 billion yuan, 627 million yuan and 383 million yuan, respectively.Scores for Spring Festival films have also been released.Sniper has the highest score of 7.7 on Douban, followed by Miracle Kids and Watergate Bridge at 7.4 and 7.2, respectively, and The Killer Is Not Too Cool at 6.9.However, “Sniper” word of mouth and box office inverted.Despite leading word-of-mouth, the box office was third from the bottom this Spring Festival, with only 111 million yuan as of 17:00 on Feb 3.”I’m worried about this,” director Zhang Yimou said in a recent live broadcast. “As a director, I’m worried. So I really hope the theater managers can arrange some films for us, not at midnight or early.Byd’s new-energy vehicle sales rose 361.73 percent year-on-year in January.February 3, BYD shares in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announcement, January new energy vehicle sales of 93,168 units, 20178 units in the same period last year, a year-on-year growth of 361.73%.Has Shimao Shanghai Pit Hotel received an offer?”There is no real progress on the transfer,” said a source familiar with the matter.Recently, according to the first financial daily, Shanghai shimao sheshan intercontinental hotel (i.e., deep pit) already took over, also for state-backed.In this regard, a source close to Shimao Group told the Financial Union reporter, before indeed state-owned enterprises on the acquisition of the pit hotel and Shimao had contact, “but this project transfer matters, no substantive progress.”Regenerating and changing the ranking of new forces in car making: Nezha Super Nio ranks among the top three, while Nio has not broken 10,000 units.Among them, Xiaopeng Automobile delivered 12,922 units in January, up 115 percent year on year.Among them, xiaopeng P7 delivered 6,707 units, with the cumulative delivery of 80,000 units in history.Xiaopeng P5 delivered 4029 units, more than 4000 units for two consecutive months.Xiaopeng has delivered more than 150,000 vehicles since its listing.Ideal One delivered 12,268 units in January, exceeding 10,000 units in three consecutive months.Nio delivered 9,652 new cars in January, up 33.6 percent year on year.The LICENSE of China Unicom (America) operating company was revoked. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Unicom responded urgently.China Unicom (Americas) Operations Co., Ltd. received an order from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on February 2 local time to revoke license 214, according to a statement issued by China Unicom on February 3.In this regard, China Unicom said that the FCC made the decision to revoke the license of China Unicom America company 214 without listing specific facts and without due process, and will actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company and customers.Xiaomi first, Vivo third!Smartphone sales in India in 2021Revenue in The Indian smartphone market grew by 27% in 2021 to more than $38 billion.Despite an 8 percent drop in the market in the fourth quarter amid supply chain issues, smartphone shipments in India grew 11 percent year on year in 2021 and reached 169 million units at the end of the year, according to the latest data from Counterpoint Research.Counterpoint’s report highlighted xiaomi’s continued lead in the Indian smartphone market in 2021, though it grew only 2% year on year.Even brighter numbers come from the premium market (prices over Rs 30,000), where Xiaomi’s share of the Indian premium market is growing at a record 258 per cent.In second place was Samsung, whose shipments fell 8 percent.Vivo ranked third among overall brands and became one of the leading 5G smartphone brands with a 19 percent share.But it slipped to fourth place in the fourth quarter.Realme ranked fourth overall in 2021, up 20% year on year.However, Realme took second place in The Indian smartphone market for the first time in the fourth quarter of this year.Liu qiangdong magnifies the recruitment, donated more than 10 billion yuan of stock market value.Liu Qiangdong, chairman and CEO of JD.com, will donate 62,376,643 shares of Class B common stock to charity, according to a statement released by the company.It is reported that the donation will be mainly used for social welfare, such as education and environmental protection, which Liu has long been concerned about.Yongtai Biology-B (06978) : Submission of RC19D2 New Drug Clinical Trial Communication Meeting application for Pioneering Pharmaceutical -B(09939) :Jingdong Group -SW(09618) Chairman liu Qiangdong will donate 62.3766 million B shares of the company for charitable purposes nissin Food (01475) in the First three fiscal quarters of the China business division revenue increased 3.51% year-on-year to 4.358 billion yenYadi Shares (01211) January sales of new energy vehicles 93,200 units increased 361.73% year on year manulife Financial -S(00945) approved by the buyback and cancellation of not more than 97 million shares (article source: Hafu Information)