Jingyang District East Street Primary School: steady progress in work inspection to promote improvement

2022-04-27 0 By

In order to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of school opening, jingyang District Education Bureau inspection team visited Dongjie Primary School on the afternoon of February 23 to inspect the opening work of spring 2022, accompanied by school principals and relevant personnel from various departments.Inspection team carefully looked at the school new semester work deployment, meeting minutes, all kinds of plans, spring work calendar, etc., but also from the teacher work, standardize school, moral education work and other aspects of the inquiry and data access.In the process of inspection, the inspection team fully affirmed the school’s standardized system, adequate preparation and responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic at the beginning of the semester.In the implementation of the “double reduction” policy and the promotion of the “five management” work, the school management system is perfect, the plan is appropriate, effective measures, the school work is done in detail and methodical, the existing deficiencies also put forward opinions and suggestions.Accompanied by the person in charge of the school, the inspection team also inspected the campus, each function room, teachers’ classes, etc., had a detailed understanding of the school’s work at the beginning of the semester, and put forward specific requirements for the current epidemic prevention and control.This inspection promoted the east Primary school to continue to increase the implementation of the work plan and detailed measures to promote the school to a new journey, and then on a new level.(Contributed by Dongjie Primary School, Jingyang District)