Lakers plan to trade Westbrook this summerWall would require a nod from James, which would be more visceral than Paul

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According to lakers reporter Bill Oram on February 10, the Lakers are leaning toward releasing Westbrook this summer, rather than at the deadline.One important difference is that in a trade this summer, the Lakers could use their 2029 first-round pick for another Max player looking for a new home.James said in an interview after the blowout loss to the Bucks that his team is not at the level of the Bucks and that he knew before the game.There is a general consensus in the Lakers’ locker room that the team has problems and that they understand that the current roster is not producing as much as it should.Sources say the lakers no longer believe the combination of James, Timberlake and Westbrook can win at the senior level.However, they are reluctant to publicly admit that last summer’s acquisition of Westbrook was a failure.In other words, if they don’t move Westbrook by the deadline, they’ll just have to play out the season and look for another deal in the offseason.”I didn’t think it would be this bad,” said one lakers staffer who had reservations about the Westbrook trade in July, according to Bill Oram.According to Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus, the Lakers are unlikely to trade Westbrook by the deadline unless James decides that John Wall, who works with his agency, is a better fit for the lakers than Westbrook, and is willing to push him to trade for Wall before the Lakers will consider a trade with the Rockets.In other words, for Wall to join the Lakers, he needs The nod from James.Westbrook has been terrible since joining the Lakers.The Media has posted his stats in crunch time (within five points in the final five minutes of a game), leading the league in minutes played (131), assists (25) and turnovers (14).He made just 1 of 10 3-point attempts in the clutch.Data site Statmuse also compared Westbrook to Chris Paul.They wrote: “Paul’s career 10+ assists and zero turnovers are 50, more than double Westbrook’s career zero turnovers (20).The point guard God.”When do you think the lakers will release Westbrook?What kind of chips does he get back?Feel free to leave a comment.