Renderings exposed!Zhuzhou will add a riverside new city

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After the New Year, zhuzhou land market ushered in the big news: the city development group officially announced xiangjiang New City land promotion matters, the area will enter the first phase of centralized development period.As soon as the news came out, it attracted extensive attention from the society, and there was even an online article titled “Full planning, Take off in the New Year! Hexi will welcome a new River Bank New City”.”We media published an analysis of the development planning of” Xiangjiang New City “area.Where is Xiangjiang New Town?What are the plans for the new town?Why does it attract so much attention?Xiangjiang New City, also known as Binjiang Industrial New City, is located in the southern area of tianyuan District, west of the upper reaches of the Xiangjiang River.It covers a total area of 36 square kilometers, with xichang South Road in the north, Changzhutan South Ring Highway in the south, Xiangjiang River in the east and Wuhan-Guangzhou high speed railway in the west.Complementary to tianyi Science and Technology City, it is located at the junction of Tianyuan District and southern town.Xiangjiang New Town planning renderings.With the construction of xiangjiang River and zhuzhou south strategy of the gradual advance, the Municipal party committee, the government proposed to build Xiangjiang New city as zhuzhou Xiangjiang river development and urban construction in the new period of the important start.In 2011, the Municipal Planning Bureau and the Municipal Communications Development Group Co., Ltd. entrusted the Shanghai Branch of China Urban Planning and Design Institute and the Municipal Planning and Design Institute to jointly prepare the planning of Xiangjiang New Town.The planning scope involves the group of fengzhen xiangtang village, Bailiancun, hehua village and other 16 villages of the land.During the period of 2019-2021, the area mainly focused on land acquisition and land consolidation. Now, the area officially starts to attract foreign investment and land promotion, which shows the government’s attention and expectation to the area this year, and also indicates that the area may open a new growth point in Hexi.In 2017, the City planning Bureau has preliminarily defined the planning of Xiangjiang New Town area. Xiangjiang New Town, surrounded by mountains and rivers, will form a structure of “one heart, two pieces, two belts and many corridors” in space.Through the public service core of administrative, cultural, sports, commercial, office and other functional areas arranged around cangshui Lake, livable life and innovative industry pieces are combined together, and xiangjiang scenic belt is integrated into them, forming the tourism culture of waterfront landscape.Between livable life and innovative industry, the landscape and natural resources are used to form a north-south ecological corridor, which is responsible for research and development and residential functions.Multi-corridor refers to a number of ecological corridors connecting the Xiangjiang River and the mountain in the west formed by combining the layout of mountain and land within the planning area.Overall urban plan of Xiangjiang New Town.According to the plan, the area controls about 17.38 square kilometers of land, and the planned local resident population is about 200,000-250,000, the planned employment population is about 150,000, and the total investment is about 28.8 billion.The whole project is divided into three phases, with a total of 10 years to complete the development, developed by The City Development Group.The reporter learned from the City Development Group that the first phase of development of the area will be 2021-2025. It will focus on the development of an ecological business district of about 4 square kilometers with Cangshui Lake as the core landscape, and it is expected to accommodate 20,000 people.In terms of supporting facilities, there will be 2 senior high schools, 3 junior high schools and 7 primary schools.A general hospital, a maternal and child health care center, a municipal leisure sports center, a municipal professional sports stadium are organically distributed in the new town. There are also cultural and medical facilities such as library, youth activity center, medical service center and community-level sports facilities in the new town community.In terms of transportation, xiangjiang New City is adjacent to Zhuzhou Wuguang High-speed railway station, namely Zhuzhou West Railway Station. The intercity railway passes through the planning area and has intercity rail station.Internally, it has planned special water bus routes using xiangjiang River, lake, port and other water resources, and created a hierarchical slow traffic system and an anning block composed of “slow traffic corridor + slow traffic area”, highlighting the slow and hidden life situation.At present, Xiangjiang Avenue, Binjiang Avenue, Shallow pond Road has been completed open to traffic;Wudang Road is now under construction and is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic by the end of 2022.This new urban city built on the mountain and near the water will construct a new ecological area suitable for living and working through the landscape axes and corridors of three vertical axes (ecological sharing axis, urban life axis, waterfront vitality axis) and three horizontal axes (northern waterscape life axis, central landscape landscape axis, southern ecological countryside axis).What are the Advantages of the New City? The geographical location of Xiangjiang New City, adjacent to Xiangjiang River in the east, Tianyi Science and Technology City and Wuguang New City in the west, and jianning Bridge in the north, brings xiangjiang New City three advantages: transportation, ecology and industrial supporting facilities.Zhuzhou West Railway Station, Zhuzhou South Railway Station, xiangjiang Avenue, West Ring road, South ring road, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Wangjiaping interchange, Jianning Bridge and other road networks and Bridges criss-cross, the area has planned a “five horizontal and four vertical” mature traffic system, orderly connection, efficient and convenient.Xiangjiang New Town water system and green space planning drawing.In terms of ecology, the area is located in the upper reaches of Xiangjiang River in Zhuzhou, far away from the old industrial area of the city, with beautiful environment and waterfront scenery of xiangjiang River of about 9 kilometers.For a long time, the city has been very strict requirements for the development of the riverside, to ensure the healthy operation of the ecological water system and maintain the greening, the urban area stretches tens of kilometers along the river scenery belt is one of the best ecological leisure place for citizens.The new city relies on the areas east of Xiangjiang Avenue, west of Xiangjiang River and north of Slow City Avenue to strengthen the deep penetration of xiangjiang river landscape function value, realize the interaction between Xiangjiang River and urban construction, and create an internal water system of the new city composed of lakes, wetlands and river ports connected with Xiangjiang River.At the same time, a river port connecting Cangshui Lake and Xiangshui wetland will be built to organize living functions by relying on the free and smart water system, forming several water communities and creating a livable new world in our city together with water.In terms of industrial supporting facilities, because it is adjacent to Wuguang Area and Tianyi Science and Technology City area, it can share industries and supporting resources.Give full play to the advantages of transportation, ecology and waterfront, integrate “wisdom +, health +” industrial projects and service elements, build multi-level, multi-dimensional intelligent, healthy application scenarios and lifestyle, so as to build zhuzhou city with the most sense of science and technology and living quality of the “livable new waterfront, smart health city”.Besides sharing and the surrounding area of supporting industries, for fitting plans to focus on research and development innovation, the service outsourcing, the core manufacturing industries, such as guiding the national and global high-end industry, high-end talent gathered, high-end services, north high-tech zone, west park, high cohesion through diversified industry space, together with the high park to build xiangjiang river city science and technology,To achieve the synchronous development of industry and housing leye new situation.Zhuzhou sunny days can be counted on one hand, since February the sun only “in post” 6 minutes!”Tiger” full power!Today, 147 zhuzhou projects concentrated start to buy spring!Lusong Market group opened