Why did the Spurs insist on cutting Duncan after he offered to retire?Net friend: two-way fulfill

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In the 2015-16 season, Duncan was 39 years old, but he averaged 25.2 minutes per game, 8.6 points, 7.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.3 blocks per game, enough to earn the admiration of Poland’s Zhou Qi.Although still able to play, But Duncan was tired, so he decided to retire.In 1997, the Spurs went through a slump to win the no. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft to take Tim Duncan, who quickly became a western Conference powerhouse and led the Spurs to the playoffs every year.He also won five NBA championships.So arguably the greatest Spurs player in franchise history.However, when he announced that he was going to retire, the Spurs asked not to let him retire, but insisted on cutting him, so why?In fact, this is not the kind of ruthless operation, but a veteran before leaving for the mother team’s final help, and the mother team to show enough respect to the veteran story!Who said the NBA is impersonal business league, in this matter, Duncan and the Spurs are all unusually generous, but also in the shoes of the other side.In 2015, perhaps Duncan had already decided to quit, perhaps because he didn’t want to be a drag on the Spurs’ rebuilding, so he signed a $11 million 1-and-1 deal with a player option in the second year, in June 2016.Duncan opted to exercise the player option rather than end his contract early, which means the $5.5 million is already under the spurs’ salary cap for the upcoming season.But even so, Duncan has decided to retire and doesn’t even plan to play another season.After the team to propose a retirement application, the spurs also has a lot of operating methods, in the NBA, when there are players under contract to the team raised to retire requirement, the team is can choose to refuse, but if the player is forced to retire, so the team can not pay for the rest of your salary.But if it is good both sides agreed to discuss, then the price still can talk, but the specific how much is to be decided by both parties, in addition, if the players retire because of injury, so wages do not take up the team’s salary cap space, if have no disease no disaster, that is to be included in the salary cap.The relationship between the Spurs and Duncan is also needless to say, the Spurs are willing to mess up to get Duncan, and Duncan is also chosen to stick to a city.So, in the end, they both chose the heart-warming and beneficial move of announcing that they would cut Duncan and paying him anyway.That means Duncan will get the rest of his salary.But Duncan also agreed to pay over three years, so that $5.5 million hit to cap space would be split into three pieces, which would be especially valuable for the rebuilding Spurs.And Tim Duncan and the spurs between channelled to useful ends, and also write the stories between NBA players and the boss, it’s not the team will be ruthless, if it is a plain like Duncan, but can also act as a cornerstone team core team, team will take care of their ideas have actual situation.Although some people would say that the NBA is a business alliance, is impersonal, but Duncan is the spurs just cut it also embodies the this, actually this sentence is only half right, although it is true that the NBA is a business alliance, but there is a little milk of human kindness, and the spurs insisted on cutting Duncan also is a kind of embodiment of the milk of human kindness,The truth is also very warm.