Books, reading tired can be put down, people, so

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At three o ‘clock in the morning, without sleep, simply read by flashlight, the weak light does not affect others, nor noisy themselves.The heart is still full of sad, occasionally, the mind of his father, he lay in bed for several days, “he” to visit, who is in the side of the bed, in the middle of the night, his father dragged the sick body, out of bed for “he” bubble a walnut dew.It was a gift from someone visiting my father. My father knew that he would be hungry at midnight, and his daughter was lazy and struggling, so he was willing to warm him. I was also touched.Hospital bed on both sides, two men have been my day, rain or shine, can be around with me.At this point, the heart sigh, father, I fear the loss of this marriage, struggling for a long time, when you do not recognize “he”, every wayward and angry, when you “recognize”, and the situation is out of everything.And read the mother-in-law and father-in-law, mother-in-law smile, father-in-law smiling face.Time is so beautiful, can be capricious can act in pettish, can not grow, can always do their own.Anyway, you all like it.Time quietly changed everything, so immersed in the past of the good too long, such as drink poison quench thirst, bubble of his drunk, develop a kind of rely on pet proud jiao character.Even if I want to come out, the heart is all helpless, tears unconsciously drop by drop down, no one’s corner, crying for yourself, originally, brother this sentence is this meaning, he has pain, so understand.His inner loneliness is magnified by the night, and his even breathing sound is no longer comfortable. The human pillow he used to hold every night is now distaste and aversion, full of doubts and doubts.This love, can see you tired, otherwise, also won’t talk to that sister.People said not to marry willful children, do not let such a woman as a mother, you finally gave these back to me.Read to chat record, ruthlessly hit face, originally, I in your eyes so unbearable, and in front of a woman who does not understand the situation, you dare not block the evaluation of me, which makes people completely awake, also very sad.The son always can understand, the mother is also simple and honest, I do not want to say a word more, the house without my chattering appears very quiet, I think clear some questions.It is rare that when we do not communicate with each other, we can save a lot of time. It is such a waste of time to talk about love.He tutored the children to write homework to 10 o ‘clock, finally do that woman guidance, and I have every prayer, he ever not every perfunctory response, impatient, depressing, originally, you will be “obedient”, just do not want to listen to my words, that woman’s words refraction arc good long, you can understand, this is really great sarcasm.Ten years in bed is no more than an understatement.At night, I still calm, put my son between him and me to sleep, this bond is also a natural wall, between him and me, good.I told my son the stories in the Bible, and there was no dialogue between me and him in my life. All the time was for my son and mother, so there was no need to flatter and please. Now, my mother is the pillar of my so large, and I have nothing.Want to tears, walked for so long, only to understand that the lost can not come back, mother’s smile healed me, what will not talk to her, but she quietly accompanied, my situation never talk to my brother, in front of him, I always a happy appearance, mask wear for a long time, I do not know whether to take off.Recall the past, I get along with him is to flatter and please, I all kinds of energy are used to coax him happy, understand his mood, so get along with good tired ah, finally one day you find yourself a clown, see him off work every day, then excited joy, now, not!Less thinking about his mind, but also a lot of quiet and comfortable, less burden.Tell your son a story from the Bible. Your son happily listens and occasionally asks, “Was Eve a man or a woman?””Women, you must remember, you think like this, eve children, can give birth to the baby of course is a woman!”I smile.”Where is Colombia?My son’s head is full of little hellos…This time also is really good, once upon a time, always full of insecurity, looked at the joys and sorrows of the “he” and “he” is my barometer of grandstanding in order to “him”, he is not happy time, carried on to him, it turns out that in this relationship, I am not confident so humble, now, I try every minute might coax you happy, exhaustion, lost myself,Perhaps, when you do not know, I have been timid for a long time, even though I have put up armor, it turned out to be preparedness, is a weapon, is full of insecurity and preemptive.My son fell asleep soon, with a smile on his face, and told me before going to bed: “I will listen to the story of Grandpa Zhou Enlai tomorrow!Good night, Mother!”There was once a person who said: When you are in contact with others, you are full of confrontation.Reflecting on this sentence at this time, it made sense, and I was on my guard for a long time.There were many books on the bed, such as The Story of the Bible, One Thousand and One Nights, And The Surprise of The First Scene, etc. Some of them were in classical Chinese, which they had finished reading, and some of them were lazy because they could not understand them. Some of them were reluctant to read them again after reading them twice.People, too, can’t read you, can’t see you too inexplicable, simply don’t understand.Save time and learn as you teach.On the surface of the elaborate, he can understand, I could live like this, is not willing to spend a strength for you, a hug can solve all the problems before, now, even near, mind is full of with me how would you rate, the next second, how I will appear on your mobile phone, the other side of the people, once seen, is seared, linger.I have been very cruel, do miss a lot of things, want to be their own not sensible, but there is no bad heart, but also hurt their favorite relatives, presumably, I willful willful character also hurt “him”, when they lost you, also don’t look for…”Light a little night-light for me!I used to beg.’Yes!He’ll do it right away.Now, do not need you to point, my world light up, originally, afraid of the dark is really hypocritical, someone to accompany the dark, heart without care, then what is not afraid of.From now on, between us only perfunctory.Disappointment is accumulated, sad for a long time to sober up.Maybe, everything is just speculation, multi-hearted move, but we really can’t go back.Books, reading tired, can be put down, people, so!Because I want to give myself an account, do not want to regret after a long time, to complain: I really should not forgive you!We’ve known each other for 16 years, and I don’t know if I lost you or you lost me.You said that each other have paid, there is no who pay more and less, good, do not care about, let the wind blowing, petals rain.My love, withered.