Contemporary college students to living expenses do not mention money, only published sentiment, parents read seconds to understand

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For students on the university just to get rid of the parents “palm”, such as leave “cage bird” free to fly into space, fly, free, without the constraint of the parents, usually also seldom contact with their parents, unless special circumstances will contact parents, this is a special case or at the end of every month, is the cost of living things.With the development of society and technology, it is no longer like before, but a wechat expression can be done, a movement of parents can understand the meaning of children in seconds.College students “pattern to the cost of living” mode, “various routines”, parents finished second to understand the contemporary college students living not to mention money, only published mood, after seconds to understand the parents, you are that right along with the development of science and technology, the improvement of living conditions, the college students to live with their parents are not the same as the way, more and more “naughty”, more and more cute, more and more “routine”.Let parents laugh and cry, finally can only obediently surrender, the cost of living to the child hair in the past.Recently, college students “living” will go red, parents seconds after see to understand, and some parents will be dumb, but in the end will surrender “darling” cost of living, to the child, after all, children in the outside life is not easy to here and see what the pattern to the cost of living together, are you also in which the college students with an empty bowl expressions, in the words, let parents understand,Then parents “obediently” give students living expenses.This university is more interesting, such text and pictures can only be popular now, it has to say that the imagination of college students is rich.The college student, just contacted the mother, just said I miss you, then the mother understood her daughter’s idea, followed by a don’t think of me, it is not the end of the month, see this I believe some netizens have been unable to help laughing.Read the above “pattern to the cost of living” DO not know how you see, welcome message exchange and comment.The above is today’s share, I hope to help some parents and students, if you need help, you can leave a comment below, Miss Guo will reply to you as soon as possible.If you like Miss Guo’s article, you can also click a “attention” oh!Ms. Guo will continue to publish articles to provide you with quality information and accompany parents and students on their way to education.What do you think about this and what do you need to pay attention to?Welcome to write your concerns in the comments section, I will be a follow-up topic, I hope to create more content that you like.# Education message