Dongrong Yau will purchase no less than 15 million yuan, and the two products of China Gung Fund will be open for daily subscription from tomorrow

2022-04-28 0 By

March 17, the fund issued three announcements, the value of the quality fund, the value of the pioneer fund since March 18 open daily subscription.Three at the same time, the fund managers will be confidence of epw (since March 18, 2022 (including) within ten days), including QiuDongRong will explain the value of g quality fund not less than 15 million yuan, Chen tao will explain the value of g pioneer fund not less than 5 million yuan, the pioneer of “will purchase the heptyl value fund not less than 2 million yuan.Heptyl fund, said this is the team management, investment decisions after carefully thinking, the main reason is: through the depth of the recent correction, A shares or stocks, from the fundamentals, valuation, superposition of multiple factors such as policy, to further improve the attraction of the rights and interests of assets, as low valuation value investment strategy creates A perfect opportunity.This article is from the financial community