Ran more than 40000 meters of food, warm everyone!

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We eat every day. We eat many times, but meals that are meaningful and memorable may not come every day, or even in a lifetime.On February 10th, at noon, two carrying 98 meals, soup warm treasure of vehicles, ran in 80, after 110 minutes, arrived in jiangnan area light village communist, when unattended in the screening staff realized that this special card point after lunch, to the Vienna international hotel nanning Wu Wei international airport store thumb up the actions.Yes, the epidemic merciless people love!February 6 in the morning, the jiangnan area appeared 19 positive infection, 1 case of COVID – under the strong leadership of party committee of municipal party committee and the city, the whole city party organizations at all levels to lead the masses of party members and cadres, staff and people quickly into the outbreak of the war, “never again let 1 person infection, and never let a spillover” become the consensus of the jiangnan district close to ten thousand people,Also won the social from all walks of life love and enthusiasts widespread concern and support, and lend a helping hand, offer the love donation disease resistant materials, jiangnan landscape have sprung up everywhere refreshing “epidemic” of war stories, to firmly seize the epidemic war annihilation provide powerful spiritual motivation, jointly build the walls of solid steel wall.Good, LET me tell you…Edited by Deng Ge, produced by Guo Chaoqian, Finance Media Center of Jiangnan District, email: jnqrmt@163.com