Alexander 31+10, thunder 1 point loss at home to the Bulls, the sixth straight loss!

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NBA regular-season game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls is over on January 25.Time for the full court!Alexander top defense in a row!Dort mid-range step-back golden chicken independent and steady!White hits a pass to Brown and when he goes up for a dunk, Earl takes off and refuses the dunk and steals it!It’s a three-pointer from a 45-degree Angle for Dolt!For the Bulls, Lavine’s back 3 on the arc!Matt Thomas on top of the bottom corner for 3+1!First half ends, Oklahoma City Thunder 48-58 Chicago Bulls.In the second half of the game, Lavine catches the ball and throws it.Vucevic catches the ball and heads the defender hard and scores 2+1!For thunder, Jeedy points Aaron Wiggins at the bottom corner, who kills the basket for a reverse drive!Jerome takes the ball and makes a great pass to Dort, who flies and dunks Vucevic with one hand!Then it was doerter’s three-pointer from a 45-degree Angle to keep his team alive!The last 1 second, this time difference has come to 4 points, Muscara arc top three points firmly hit!But unfortunately there is no way back!And finally, all out, Oklahoma City Thunder 110-111 Chicago Bulls!Six players scored in double figures for Oklahoma City, led by Alexander with 31 points, three rebounds and 10 assists.For the Bulls, five players scored in double figures, led by Vucevic with 26 points, 15 rebounds, four assists, one steal and three blocks.