Barcelona 35 million defenders poached by Manchester City?He has asked for seven times his annual salary and has approached his agent

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According to Fichajes, Pep Guardiola and his agent Edmundo Cabic have been in touch with Manchester City’s attempt to sign Barcelona’s 22-year-old Uruguayan centre-back Ronald Araujo in the summer, and he is ready to take advantage of the fact that Araujo’s contract extension is still in the works.Using his contract year to snatch the Uruguay international centre-back, who is valued at 35 million euros.Contract law o huo Barcelona now is an urgent need to solve one of the problems, in the summer of 2018, 19-year-old, pains, Mr Boston from Uruguay river at barca B team, two years later his promotion to Barcelona, and using the um deedee after the World Cup has been Mired in injury of opportunity, the Barcelona’s starting position.Now the young Uruguay international has become one of the most trusted players in barca’s defence.However, Araujo’s contract was renewed in the summer of 2020 when he was promoted to barca’s first team and expires in 2023. Araujo’s current salary is just 900,000 euros per year, with substitute Langley and Umtiti both earning 6 million euros per year (Umtiti took a cut anyway).So araujo, who has become a regular player, is demanding the same amount from Barcelona, saying he is currently earning nearly seven times as much.However, barca can only offer him a salary of 3 million euros, the gap between the two sides in terms of salary, so araujo is not progress.While pep guardiola and lowe meet Mr Agent card of the Barcelona very vigilant, pep guardiola enthusiasm for centre-back is almost the rest of the coaches can’t understand, what a good defender, which is the figure of pep guardiola, but also know that can’t stop Manchester city, Barcelona after all, Lao huo’s contract expires in 2023, so this summer he will enter a contract year,If barca cannot complete the contract extension, it is likely that they will have to sell, or he will be available on a free transfer next year.Of course, it would have taken courage for City to offer Araujo a contract now, with a Spanish salary of £6m a year after tax, equivalent to £200,000 a week in the English premier League.At City, with the exception of Stones, Grealish, Sterling and De Braunay, none of the other players have reached that level, and if araujo, a newcomer to the club, were to be paid that amount, his performance at Barcelona would be unimpressive.For Guardiola, however, such problems have not deterred his interest in araujo, otherwise he would not have had to contact araujo’s agent.Araujo is currently valued at 35 million euros and, given that he enters his contract year in the summer, there would be no extra charge for him, which is another reason why City would be interested.