Best wishes to Beijing!Heilongjiang sports people watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics

2022-04-29 0 By

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially began at 20:00 Beijing time on February 4.Some coaches and athletes from Heilongjiang province watched the opening ceremony in Harbin.Ice athletes are about to realize their dream in Beijing, and they are excited to send their best wishes.To watch the opening ceremony of the scene to see the Chinese delegations of instant ice in heilongjiang province training center coaches and pyeongchang winter games runner-up short track speed skating 5000 meters relay hung-chih hsu said, see China appears on the screen at that moment, the heart is very excited, whole body full of power, wishes more gold medal athletes of our country, the style is comparable to competence out.Xue Ruihong, the speed skating world champion, told reporters that she had been waiting for the opening ceremony for many days. She felt very proud to see our country’s delegation at that moment and wished our athletes excellent results.Li Yanfeng, deputy director of Heilongjiang Heavy Sports Management Center and London Olympic discus runner-up, waved a small national flag at the scene and said proudly: “In the Winter Olympics at our door, we must make great efforts to win more MEDALS.”Xue Ruihong, the second-level researcher of The Policy and Regulations Department of Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau, the speed skating world champion, Xu Hongzhi, the coach of Heilongjiang Provincial Ice Training Center, the silver medalist of short-track speed skating 5,000m relay in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the deputy director of Heilongjiang Provincial Heavy Sports Management Center, and Li Yanfeng, the silver medalist of discus in London Olympic Games, are watching the scene.The reporter also interviewed the provincial winter Sports and reserve talent management center coach Song Chen, he was the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony Chinese delegation flag bearer.Gao Tingyu, the flag bearer for the opening of the Winter Olympic Games today, is also a member of heilongjiang Province. He is very proud and wishes the athletes good results and our country prosperity.During the opening ceremony, the reporter and heilongjiang ice training center short track speed skating coach, national coach, has trained fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Zang Yize and other outstanding athletes Xu Yingnan were connected.Xu yingnan said that as a short track speed skating coach, he always thinks about the short track speed skating athletes in front of him and sincerely wishes each of them good results.Ren Ziwei and Zhang Yuting’s enlightenment coach Wang Beiming also connected with reporters, he sent sincere wishes to the soldiers in front.