Dott scored 14 points in 30 overtime to beat the Mavericks!East qi qi 40 + 10

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The NBA regular season resumed on Feb. 3, with the Thunder beating the Mavericks 120-114.It was a close game from the start of the first quarter, with Oklahoma City taking a 20-18 lead before Mann hit three straight 3s to pull away.Not to be outdone, the Mavericks quickly responded with a wave of 10-0 over the score!Dott and Kenridge hit back-to-back layups to regain the lead and the Thunder took a two-point lead, 30-28, in the first quarter.The second quarter, the Mavericks came up with an 11-2 run to beat the score!Then the two sides to each other to score, Wiggins free throws, Giddy layup to tie the score!Half – time the two sides into a 51-51 tie.Easy side fight again, both sides come up you a ball I a ball do not give!The final three and a half minutes led by one point!Then the Mavericks began to power down, and the Thunder took advantage with an 8-0 run.Braddock makes a layup to stop the bleeding, but Jerome and Muscala go deep to extend the lead!Brunson’s jumper stopped the bleeding and Oklahoma City led by nine points, 85-76, after three quarters.The end of the quarter, Bazley came up with a 3-pointer to open the lead, the Mavericks quickly put out an 11-1 run to close!Then both sides crazy iron mistakes, thunder off and on to play 6-0 again open point difference.Doncic quickly hit a 3 and set up braddock’s jumper to get within 4!Key moment Mann quickly three points to stabilize the situation!Doncic scored five more points and the team went 6-0 to get back to one!The game also came to the last minute, thunder 24 second offense violation!Braddock 3 points and 2 points back!!Okc with 8.5 seconds left kenridge sneaks in to tie!!The Mavericks have 7.5 seconds left. Doncic misses and goes into overtime.Dott scored 5 in a row to help Oklahoma City take the lead in overtime after two points each.After each missed, Dott hit two free throws for a 7-point lead!The game also came down to the last minute, braddock three-pointer back to four points.But Dott also hit a 3 to kill the game!For the Thunder, Dott had 30 points, Mann 28 points, Gidy 14 points, seven rebounds and 10 assists, Jerome 11 points, Bazley 13 points and 11 rebounds, Brunson 20 points and six turnovers, Doncic 40 points, six rebounds and 10 assists, and Bullock 23 points and eight rebounds