Shenzhen power “chain” moves the world

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Since mid-March, Shenzhen has made frequent appearances in the western mainstream media.A few days ago, THE BBC reported that the city of 20 million people is “China’s Silicon Valley”. If the epidemic hits hard, many of our products may run out of stock and the global supply chain will also face challenges.There are more than 13,000 cities in the world, and only a handful of them are feared to have cut off global supply chains.Shenzhen happened to be named.As one of the world’s top 10 economic cities and a major hub of global industry, technological innovation and foreign trade, Shenzhen has become an important node in the global supply chain.The supporting capacity of multiple industrial chains and the production capacity of a large number of products all rank among the top in the world.Shenzhen is indispensable in the global industrial division and cooperation system.The world needs Shenzhen.Shenzhen has responded to world concerns with its consistent and pragmatic actions.Under the “dual coordination” of epidemic prevention and control and economic development, Shenzhen is adding momentum and creating miracles for the Chinese and world economy in a familiar way and pace.”The world’s top ten” should not be overlooked on the world economic map. Shenzhen has evolved from a tiny city 40 years ago to a solid circle today, similar to London and Paris.According to the data in 2021, Shenzhen’s GDP of 3,066.485 billion yuan ranks after New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles in the first circle (over 5 trillion yuan), and cohabitates with Shanghai, London, Paris, Beijing, Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston in the second circle (over 3 trillion yuan), ranking 10th in the world and fourth in Asia.San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley, ranked 13th.The economic aggregate of Shenzhen alone has exceeded 170 countries and organizations, including many developed countries.It took 31 years to achieve a leap from 100 million yuan to 1 trillion yuan, another six years to double to 2 trillion yuan, and another five years to complete the leap from 2 trillion yuan to 3 trillion yuan.Today, whether IT is Las Vegas Electronics Show, the barometer of the world’S IT industry, or hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial event, Shenzhen and its enterprises are all “C-starting”.This is an important pole of growth for the world economy and trade.In 2021, shenzhen’s import and export volume was 3.54 trillion yuan, of which 1.92 trillion yuan was exported.Shenzhen port is available to more than 100 countries and regions with an annual throughput of 28.76 million TEUs.Shenzhen Cross-border Trade and Logistics Supervision Center clears more than 1.5 million parcels every day, and can reach Hong Kong Airport within one hour to travel around the world.With an average GDP of 1.5 billion yuan and industrial output of 2 billion yuan per square kilometer, this land is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship.The two mean values are among the best in China.As a market, it contributes 2.6% of the country’s GDP.In mid-March, the epidemic situation was severe, and Shenzhen was faced with a difficult choice. If the epidemic brought the city to a standstill, every day that the epidemic stopped, 8.4 billion yuan of GDP, 9.7 billion yuan of import and export, and more than 10 billion yuan of industrial output value would be wasted.If the suspension lasts for several days, the supply and prices of many commodities will even disturb the world market, affecting the security and stability of the global supply chain.Maximizing prevention and control effects at the lowest cost.Shenzhen has chosen to upgrade its prevention and control measures, and at the same time, has adopted a scientific and powerful “double planning” strategy to target prevention, stabilize growth, benefit the people and protect the “double chain”.As the week passed, the city was back to its old rhythm, moving like the wind, vibrant.Shenzhen, a city in its 40s, is full of vitality and maturity.From pilot to pilot demonstration.China’s reform and opening-up and the sacred mission entrusted to Shenzhen by the central government demonstrate the superiority and significance of the Chinese road and socialism with Chinese characteristics.No matter comparing countries and cities in the world, or the absolute value and mean value of places in China, Shenzhen has reached the world’s advanced level in terms of per capita, per place, enterprise density and GDP per unit output.When we look at shenzhen’s GDP pie, we will find that strategic emerging industries account for nearly 40% of the total, with an annual added value of over one trillion yuan.In the service sector, high-end services account for 70 percent;The proportion of R&D investment in Shenzhen is comparable to that in most developed countries and ranks among the top of large and medium-sized cities in China.Such “nutritional composition” determines the high quality of Shenzhen’s economy and the resilience and staying power of its development.Looking around the world, Shenzhen has become a predictable certainty amid many uncertainties.Capital is pouring in.The three global investment promotion conferences increased the amount of investment from 560 billion yuan and 780 billion yuan to 820 billion yuan last year.Among the world’s top 500 companies, 300 companies have invested in Shenzhen, and are constantly moving toward the higher end of r&d, innovation and industrial chain.From the day it entered the first phalanx, Shenzhen was determined never to fall behind, to work hard and run, and even lead the way.Play, just staged;Legend, to be continued.”If we are no longer a partner with China, we will pay the price,” said an article published by The Times on March 20.Gary Hill, managing director of a Shropshire bath heater company, was quoted in the article as saying his company sources 90% of its components from China.Many of the key components are made in Shenzhen.”I appreciate the honesty, hard work and hard work of the Chinese people.”Gary Hill is talking about just a few nodes in one of shenzhen’s many chains.In the global third industrial revolution and technological change represented by the Internet, Shenzhen has seized the opportunity to actively integrate into the global industrial division and cooperation system, and quickly become an important part of the global industrial chain and supply chain.Huaqiang North small land, there is no you can’t buy, only you can’t think of electronic products;In a single visit, IT professionals can purchase almost all the components that make up any electronic product.In recent years, Shenzhen has strengthened the “complementary chain” and “strong chain”, and built a complete industrial chain of more than 10 world-renowned ones, including integrated circuits, 5G, 8K, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, information and communication, intelligent connected vehicles, new energy vehicles, computers, graphene, optoelectronics, instruments and meters, and consumer electronics.A group of leading enterprises, such as Huawei, BYD and Mindray, have been cultivated to guide and control the global industrial and supply chains, forming a cluster and complementary system of collaborative division of labor and a circular ecosystem.Many cutting-edge technologies in the world start from Shenzhen and then radiate around the world.Shenzhen to lead the global 5 g industry, from the network equipment, production of key components to communication operation, application scenarios, terminal sales, all-round development, from traffic, police, urban management, medical treatment, and other areas of the e-government to high-definition video, intelligent application made automobile vertical industry fields such as batch, more broadly, about the world’s leading industry, 5 g base stations and terminals shipments in the world.Huawei alone can draw up a long list of shenzhen listed companies leading the upstream and downstream: Huichuan Technology, Inwitten, Shennan Circuit, Lanhai Huateng, Magmeet, Hewang Electric…Shenzhen’s artificial intelligence industrial cluster, intelligent manufacturing equipment industrial cluster and other emerging industrial clusters, have entered the “national team”.New energy vehicles, consumer electronics, information communications, computers and other industrial chains have become shenzhen’s traditional strengths.At present, Shenzhen is exploring the integrated promotion mode of “industrial park + innovation incubator + industrial fund + industrial alliance” to promote the collaborative innovation and development of upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain and build industrial ecology with the whole industrial chain.Shenzhen flat panel display industry used to lack “screen” link.In 2010, the phase I project of Huaxing Optoelectronics started construction in Guangming, driving the rapid aggregation of upstream and downstream enterprises, asahi Glass, Ofeiguang and other dozens of enterprises above the scale to build a complete ecological chain with Huaxing Optoelectronics.At present, the bright area has formed a flat panel display industry chain with an annual output value of more than 150 billion yuan, covering the upper, middle and lower reaches of the display panel, IC, glass substrate, color filter, polarizer, LED light source, TV and commercial display terminals.It is rare in the world to have such a centralized and complete industrial chain in a narrow area of several kilometers.With an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan and excellent r&d and production capacity, the industrial chain is constantly forming, making Shenzhen one of the hub centers of the global supply chain.Nine of the world’s top 500 “giants”, more than 17 heavyweight enterprises worth more than 100 billion yuan, more than 100 billion yuan of middleweight enterprises, more than 2.5 million lightweight featherweight flyweight enterprises, all have their talents and find their proper places here.They are dotted in major industrial chains, highly coordinated with each other, and jointly protect the ecological home of the global industrial chain and supply chain.In the end, tens of thousands of different types of industrial products support the huge size of the global industrial system and greatly enrich the material life of the world.No wonder foreign merchants in Europe and the United States to look for niche goods, tight goods and not time, will happen to think of Shenzhen and other pearl River Delta cities and the Yangtze River Delta region.Shenzhen’s “chain”, “male” in supporting, “soul” in innovation.Shenzhen has built 2,746 innovation carriers around more than 10 industrial chains, 20 strategic emerging industrial clusters and eight future industries, creating a whole-process innovation ecological chain and making every effort to build itself into a global science and technology innovation center.In PCT’s global ranking of international patent applications, a number of Shenzhen enterprises are among the top 10.Shenzhen enterprises are at the forefront of innovation in 5G, metamaterials, gene sequencing, 3D display, graphene terahertz chips, flexible display, new energy vehicles, drones and other fields.Shenzhen is also a world-renowned production base for consumer goods such as mobile phones, clocks and watches, household appliances, jewelry, glasses, clothing, toys and furniture.Each of them produces hundreds of millions a year.Hundreds of millions of people in more than 100 countries and regions have used or are using these goods made in Shenzhen.The importance of Shenzhen in the global economic system has been described as follows: “Shenzhen shutdown, global shutdown.”But this kind of thing, the world does not want to happen, Shenzhen is zero tolerance.Over the past week, shenzhen’s policy makers, government workers, 3.82 million enterprises and 20 million citizens have been coordinating epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development to ensure steady growth.The government will take targeted measures to stabilize production and supply of key industrial chains, key enterprises and major projects.Enterprise implementation of “cloud” end meeting, remote office, palm talk about cooperation, online contract, direct broadcast room to sell goods;The production and r&d site is closed to ensure that the basic order needs are met.Shenzhen forces are guarding the stability of the world economy and the security of the global supply chain.Dupont Laird, a foreign-owned company in Shenzhen, could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in exports to downstream customers when it can’t find truck drivers due to the outbreak.Five government departments relay, one hour to create a special “green channel”.On the same day, raw materials were delivered from Shenzhen to customers in the Greater Bay Area, and the industrial chain was stable and smooth as before.Industrial robots never stop working in foxconn’s unmanned workshop in Longhua.This famous “contract manufacturing king”, in a high-tech way to stabilize the key nodes in the supply chain.Dazu Laser intelligent Industrial Base, strict closed-loop management and environmental elimination, employees eat and live in the living area of the plant, the workshop has been normal production, orders delivered on time.Mindray Medical, Datang Baochang and other enterprises, with closed management and tightly integrated prevention and control system, have realized the full number of front-line employees and nearly 100% capacity utilization rate.The stability of production is of great significance to the safety of the industrial chain.Longhua District industry information technology, transportation and other departments give “one enterprise one policy”, the dormitory and the factory area of the sidewalk surrounded by a temporary “special line”, closed loop management and normal production immediately realized.After returning to normal life and work this week, the venerable “Shenzhen Power” has pulled the city back to where it was meant to be: noisy, busy, fast-paced and hectic.The subway is full of people.The Sinovac Science Park is brightly lit at night.People strode away.Government departments have taken effective actions to formulate or launch a “white list” of key industrial and supply chain enterprises, rescue and benefit policies for enterprises in various industries and fields, financial support policies and innovative products.As soon as Foxconn announced the resumption of normal operations, it attracted Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and other global media coverage.At the beginning of the epidemic two years ago, the West predicted that China’s economy would staggate or even decline, and the supply chain would inevitably shift. It hoped that India and Southeast Asia would take over.However, in 2020, when the epidemic was at its worst, China was left with production space of us $140 billion worth of trade, while India received less than 4%.Even today, India and Southeast Asia are heavily dependent on China for manufacturing.No wonder, some foreign processing trade enterprises from China to India and Southeast Asia after a few years, branches or even large troops quietly “back”.After all, the center of the global supply chain and the base camp of the global industrial chain are all in China.Shenzhen, the third largest economic city in China, naturally shares more benefits of opening-up and bears more risks of seamless integration with the world.But it is willing to temper itself in the adventure and challenge again and again, and warmly embrace the world.Original title: “Shenzhen Power chain Moves the World” (by Yang Yong, reporter of Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper)