The American player points to the ice dun dun on the menu and says two. Waiter: This is not for sale

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On Feb 12, a video of an American athlete ordering Bing Dwen in a restaurant because he missed bing Dwen so much was shared on overseas social media and received tens of thousands of likes.”Who wouldn’t want a Bing Dwen dwen?”Summer Britcher, a luger from the United States, shared a video clip on Overseas short video platform Tik Tok on Tuesday.Teammates in the winter Olympic village meal, mistakenly thought to buy a package to send ice pier pier, on the spot on the sign Shouting, “I want 2 ice pier pier, 2!”As a result, his teammate immediately corrected him, “Three!Three!”The waiter listened to the music and repeatedly shook his hand.American athletes saw that, that ice pier pier limited sales, said that as long as 1.At this point, two other staff members stepped forward and explained in English, “We don’t sell this.”In the end, the athletes ordered a pizza and a coke and said “thank you.”After the video was posted, netizens expressed sympathy, saying, “Who wouldn’t want an Bing Dwen Dwen?””I miss you so much!”Ice dwen dwen is so cute, I want it too!””Buy one get one free?” another user joked.Although the dream of ordering food and delivering ice Dwen dwen was dashed, American athletes still enjoyed the opportunity to get close to Ice Dwen Dwen in the winter Olympic village.Summer Britcher shared a photo of himself and his teammates in an elevator with Bing Dwen Dwen on Overseas social media on Sunday, with the caption “This is a dream come true”, and netizens expressed their “love” and “envy”.Source: overseas network