The Dutch women’s 3,000m champion has won her first Olympic record

2022-04-29 0 By

Beijing, Feb. 5 (Xinhua hao Shuai) — Chinese athletes Han Mei and Ahanal Adak competed in the women’s 3,000m speed skating event at the National Speed Skating Hall on The afternoon of February 5.The National Speed Skating Stadium has made its debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the end, The Dutch athlete Irene Schoten won the gold medal in 3 minutes 56.93 seconds, and broke the 20-year-old Olympic record in this event.This is not only the first Olympic record of the “ice Ribbon” of the National Speed Skating Hall, but also the first Olympic record of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Award ceremony after the game.People’s Daily online reporter Hao Shuai takes Chinese player Han Mei in the competition.Francesca Lorobbrigida from Italy and Isabelle Weidman from Canada won the second and third place respectively, while Han Mei and Ahenal Adak from China ranked 15th and 17th respectively.