Yue Yunpeng drove a luxury car with his wife Zheng Min back home just got home big sister, two sister came to borrow money

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Once, Yue Yunpeng drove a luxury car and took his wife Zheng Min back home.Just got home, elder sister, two elder sister came to borrow money.Two people in front of Zheng Min, open mouth will borrow 200,000!Next, Zheng Min’s approach, simply let Yue Yunpeng unexpected!Yue Yunpeng is a poor child from the countryside, can go today, without the help of his four sisters.Yue yunpeng grew up poor, but his parents had five daughters and two sons.There was no rice in the house, but there were nine mouths to eat, and the children were often so hungry that even a pot of cabbage was considered a delicacy.For yue Yunpeng, the younger brother, the five sisters are quite care.Even if their stomachs were rumbling, as long as there was good food, they would give it to his brother first.Often, his parents were too busy with farm work to take care of Yue.The sisters will take turns to take care of Yue Yunpeng, can be said to be quite painful this brother.Later, yue yunpeng, when he grew up, dropped out of school because he could not afford to pay the 68 yuan tuition fee and went out to work.Another couple of sisters helped him find a job.Yue Yunpeng has worked as a security guard, restaurant waiter.Dutiful as he was, as long as he earned money, he would send a large part of it home, leaving only a little for himself.Later, Yue Yunpeng encountered Guo Degang, fate ushered in a turning point.Meanwhile, Yue Yunpeng encountered later wife Zheng Min, and entered the palace of marriage with her.Later, Cao Yunjin leaves Deyun society, Yue Yunpeng was met by Guo Degang the position of one elder brother of Deyun Society, famous world, earn basin full bowl full.After success, Yue Yunpeng did not forget to help his sister, he will often send money home.However, Yue Yunpeng worried that Zheng Min would mind, every time the money is quietly, do not let Zheng Min know.I didn’t know it was going to happen.Once, Yue Yunpeng drove a luxury car and took his wife Zheng Min back home.Unexpectedly, as soon as he got home, the second sister said to him, “Brother, I want to buy a flat in the city so that my child can go to school.”Yue Yunpeng a listen, know the two elder sister this is to borrow money.Wife present, Yue Yunpeng some panic, trying to change the subject.The second sister didn’t understand, so she continued, “I have $200,000 now, but I still need $100,000. Do you think you can borrow it from me?”Yue Yunpeng looked at Zheng Min’s face and said timidly, “Well, I’ll get it for you.”Unexpectedly, the elder sister immediately also opened: “younger brother ah, elder sister health is not good, want to carry on an operation, you see can also lend me 100 thousand yuan?”Yue Yunpeng heard, sweat directly from the forehead dripping down.Two elder sisters borrow 200,000 yuan from him at a draught, the wife is afraid will have an opinion.However, Yue Yunpeng is not willing to let elder sister embarrassed, he glanced at Zheng Min, again timidly said to elder sister: “Ok, elder sister, back to you take.”Face to my sister kept, I’m afraid to go back to rub clothes board, Yue Yunpeng timidly worried, this meal down, some absent-minded.After dinner, Yue Yunpeng and Zheng Min went back to the house.A room, Yue Yunpeng simply head a cold sweat, now the sisters are not, daughter-in-law is afraid to be mad!Yue Yunpeng saw his wife’s face slightly angry, has not spoken, thought she was sulking, carefully pick up the topic: “Daughter-in-law, just elder sister and two elder sister to borrow money from me, this thing you have what opinion.”Zheng Min asked him a question: “Do you know why I married you?””You say you, grow not handsome, also not clever, also have no what special skill, you say I see you what?”Yue Yunpeng thought for a moment and shook his head.Zheng Min continued, “Because you are filial!””I heard that you were always helping your family.””Filial piety, character will not be bad.”Yue Yunpeng listened, suspended heart, slightly put down.Zheng Min then said: “Know why I am angry today?”Yue Yunpeng just put down the heart, and tense up, shaking his head like a rattle.Zheng Min said: “Because you look at me too did not measure.””You give money to the family, I am very approve of, did not expect you this all want to hide me?”Yue Yunpeng explained, “Darling, I didn’t mean to hide it from you. I was just worried that you would not be happy.”Zheng Min continued, “How can I be unhappy?””You have been dutiful to your parents and kind to your brothers and sisters. You have proved that I was right about you. I am too happy!””Well, don’t let our sisters borrow any money from us. Now that we have the means, we can give each of them a house and a car.”‘I’m glad you’re happy they’re well off!’Yue Yunpeng listened, simply admire the daughter-in-law to the ground, really did not marry the wrong person.Later, with the help of Yue Yunpeng, the sisters had a car and a house of life, all happy.Because Zheng Min has magnanimous, the relationship of this big family is also very harmonious and enviable.Yue yunpeng bought a house and a car for every sister, why not his brother?Was he not on good terms with his brother?Once, the reporter put forward this question to Yue Yunpeng.Yue Yunpeng waved his hand: “Ah, he doesn’t want it.”Originally, yue Yunpeng developed, had wanted to give his brother Yue Xuegang to help, and gave him three choices: the first road: with Yue Yunpeng to Beijing development, you can also consider whether to enter the Deyun Society.Second way: like his five sisters, yue Yunpeng buys a car and an apartment for him when he moves to the county town.Third way: If he wants to start a business, Yue Yunpeng is willing to provide funds for him.Unexpectedly, Yue Xuegang refused.He said he was used to living in the country and didn’t want to live in the city.Besides, there was no one to take care of his mother in his hometown, so he wanted to stay and take care of her.Working, he knows he is not business material, now the work at hand quite satisfied, do not bother brother.Yue Yunpeng listened and understood his brother’s idea.Yue later supported him by building a house for his brother in his rural hometown.It can be said that Yue Yunpeng has today’s height, is the accumulation of character.It is true that virtue carries things.