“Anti-drug Publicity into community to Build a Harmonious Big Family”

2022-04-30 0 By

In order to further strengthen the area of drug prevention education, improve the community residents’ understanding of the harm of drugs, to create a publicity atmosphere for drug control, On March 14, Zhengyuan community of Shengli town carried out anti-drug publicity activities.In the activity, anti-drug volunteers issued anti-drug propaganda color pages and sent small gifts to the residents for publicity.They were also told about the types of drugs, the dangers of taking drugs and how to prevent drug abuse.At the same time to remind the general public in daily life to improve the awareness of prevention, cautious friends, learn to protect themselves, their families and friends, resolutely do not touch drugs, do not touch drugs, and encourage the public to find drug-related illegal behavior to timely report.Through this activity, so that residents more clearly understand the harm of drugs, improve the awareness rate of residents, but also let residents have a more profound anti-drug, anti-virus, drug awareness.It has strengthened the enthusiasm of the residents to participate in the anti-drug work, effectively reduced the illegal and criminal acts, and laid a good foundation for the anti-drug work.Correspondent: Ma Liang