Explore changan Lincoln Z, the transformation of the young, Lincoln to do luxury brand ceiling?

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When it comes to Lincoln, an American luxury brand, it is best remembered for Lincoln limousines, either at weddings or in movies.Because of this preconception, the Lincoln brand is given the luxury label, and this luxury is a bit “old-fashioned”, or out of date.However, in recent years, with the step by step advancement of The localization of Lincoln in the domestic market, from adventurers to navigators to aviators, now the new generation of Lincoln models begin to focus on the younger generation.And, in fact, it was well received.While Domestically produced Lincoln has continued to make strong inroads in the SUV market, it has left a gap in the sedan market.This is not, Lincoln’s first domestic car – changan Lincoln Z will be officially launched soon.At present, the new car has been opened for pre-sale, the pre-sale price range of 255,000 to 342,000.Changan Lincoln Z will be launched in March this year.At present, Changan Lincoln Z has arrived in the store one after another, and we have explored this new car for the first time.Since we couldn’t test drive, we did a static experience.Next, let’s take a look at changan Lincoln Z.This should be the first time I have seen the real car of Changan Lincoln Z. I have seen the photos before.Indeed, it is not “photo fraud”.If you look at the photos, it’s amazing. If you look at the cars, it’s the same.As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Lincoln models always give people a feeling of aging, and only older people choose them.However, the appearance of Changan Lincoln Z completely overturns your perception of this brand.Even said, the transition to younger, Lincoln kind of want to do luxury brand echelon in the ceiling.Specifically, in terms of appearance, Changan Lincoln Z is too much like an avant-garde and high-tech new energy car. For example, in the front part, long and narrow LED lights run through the front grille, connected to the brand LOGO that can be illuminated. I don’t tell you that this is a fuel car, how many people will regard it as a pure electric car.Or, covering up the badge, thinking it was the work of a new breed of car builders.One layout detail that needs special mention is the shape and design of the large front grille.Instead of a linear polygon, it resembles an oval.The interior is black, embellished with a number of rectangular chrome-plated lincoln-like logos.This dot-matrix grid is very recognizable, but for people with trypophobia, it can be a lot of fun.Lincoln’s new design, therefore, was reckless.On the side of the car, a few things stand out.First of all, it is a B-class car, but visually it has the taste of a C-class car, which is very long.I checked the data and it is 4982/185/1485mm in length, width and height and 2930mm in wheelbase.Compared with BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class (both less than 4.9m long), Changan Lincoln Z is obviously longer and its size is closer to that of C-class cars.Second, the changan Lincoln Z’s body does not have an angular waistline, but instead uses a lot of curved surfaces.This design makes it look like a luxury car rather than a compact car.Especially this slip back style, very elegant.To put it simply, such a slip back is not simply to highlight sports, but to further emphasize luxury.It is worth mentioning that the Changan Lincoln Z is only a sliding back design, not a hatchback design.Third, Changan Lincoln Z gives people the feeling of new energy cars, there is an important reason, is the use of hidden door handles.But from the actual experience, it is a combination of traditional door handle opening form, without too much sense of technology design.So maybe Lincoln wanted to preserve, to some extent, the taste of the traditional car.Next is the rear of the car, the same lighting effect, Changan Lincoln Z put the English letters of Lincoln in the form of light in the middle position (above the license plate frame).In detail, this luminous letter, or three-dimensional effect, very sense of science and technology.The interior is equipped with large screen, and luxury still enters the car. The front central console, which runs through the main and passenger cars, has a high definition large screen, which really makes people’s eyes shine.We’ve seen this before with the Ford EVOS.It is very “impact” to put such a big screen with a sense of science and technology on a Lincoln car. This is a Lincoln car, but also a “non-traditional” fuel car.After looking at the data, this large screen is composed of the full LCD instrument screen, the center control screen and the entertainment screen of the co-driver. Among them, the full LCD instrument screen is 12.3 inches, while the center control screen and the secondary screen form a 27-inch joint screen.Visually inspect the display effect and smoothness of the screen, which should be the level of 4K screen.We also have a brief experience of the system, and its fluency is good, but the touch response needs to be improved.At present, we do not have the “core” specifications of this car.You have to have a very efficient chip to have a good experience with this huge screen.There are a few things to commend and, of course, tease about the carriages.For example, the whole interior material, very well, the soft place is basically wrapped in leather, and the hard place is also decorated with wood or matte material, very texture and not greasy.Details, but any key or dial button, used special processing, the surface has grain, very grade feeling.When it comes to buttons, the Changan Lincoln Z uses Lincoln’s usual push-button electronic shift.It is the same texture, the key is exquisite, touch including press, there is a sense of damping.On the one hand, there is a sense of science and technology, on the other hand, also promoted the grade of the interior.In addition, our model for the entire series of sub-top matching, front seat design is very decent, including aviation seat headrest, including up to 24 electric adjustment, as well as leg rest and seat massage function, comfort is self-evident.The actual ride, just to make a little fun of it, the surface material of the seats is a little hard and prone to wrinkles. Remember, the car is new, but the seats look like they’ve been used for years.Back row space is a bright spot, par c-class car came to the rear, the car in the back row space show surprised me, pure theory of space, at the same level of the 3 series, class C, A4L than its rivals, personal height 1 meter 83, the front seat to the right position, the rear legroom and then there were three boxing, it’s almost the level of the BMW 5-series.Such space performance, on the one hand, benefits from the large size of the body, on the other hand, mainly internal space optimization, such as the clever design of the front seat.From the rear, the front seats look thin because the back is hollowed out, but the front of the front seats has plenty of support.In other words, the front seats are two-tiered, trying not to take up space in the back.As for the space, many people may be curious about the shape of the big slip back and the head space of the back row.With my height as a reference, my hair slightly touches the roof of the car when I’m sitting, but it’s ok, not depressing.This is mainly the design of segmented skylight.The segmented sunroof gives the rear passengers more autonomy than the panoramic sunroof.For example, the front row wants to be transparent, while the back row wants to shade and take a nap.Finally, power. Changan Lincoln Z is equipped with a 2.0T engine. As an American car, its performance will not be weak.It has a maximum power of 246 HP and a peak torque of 376 N · m, matched with an 8AT transmission.Chassis, the whole system does not carry four-wheel drive system, for the front-drive form.In the luxury brand market, BBA is absolutely mainstream, and other luxury brands, it is difficult to compete with BBA head-on.But a younger and more diverse market has created new opportunities for luxury brands other than BBA, with more young people willing to experiment rather than stick to one.Lincoln, for one, was a little late in his domestication and youth turn, but as long as he found the right point of action, he did not fall behind.From the changan Lincoln Z this new car can see Lincoln’s “determination”.On the product, its luxury advantage is still in, and avant-garde technology design and equipment, are ahead of the opponent.To put it simply, the product label is very bright, with luxury and technology to impress young people.Look forward to the listing of Changan Lincoln Z, but also look forward to the dynamic experience of this new car, look at the dynamic aspect, changan Lincoln Z will be how to interpret luxury?(article/Nic)