Walk into Lao Qin’s meeting room and “Know yourself”

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On the lintel of the temple of Apollo at Delphi in Athens is inscribed the words: “Know thyself.”It’s a simple but philosophical phrase that has accompanied mankind for more than 2,600 years and remains perhaps the most difficult question to answer today.From the position of an enterprise, it is more likely to have a better understanding of the external environment. It will do sufficient research and analysis on the macro environment, industry trends, market changes, including competitors. But do you have enough understanding of “yourself”?One of the features of “Old Qin Meeting Room” is to try to understand the wine industry itself, through events and hot spots, to present the characteristics of an enterprise, to observe the inner world of a wine industry figure.Five years, in “old Qin meeting room” on the road, we found a lot of such “self”, often moved by it.It is the gobi desert side of the original heart, is the turbulent Chishui River over 20 years of washing not to miss, is “knowing difficulties, success does not have to be in my” magnity, is also “make a good bottle of wine, passed to the hands of his son” plain, is the scenery behind the anxiety and hesitation.We may not be able to find the answer to this ultimate question, but the mindset and process of searching is of extraordinary value in itself.Attached: “Old Qin meeting room” five seasons of interview program collection Song Shuyu authority from the bottom of the “health liquor”, good wine 1% theory has not been broken | video · Old Qin meeting room annual sales break 6 billion, niulanshan Song Kewei most want to occupy the market and the most worried thing is?Jiuxian Network to delist the new Third Board sprint IPO, Hao Hongfeng bare his heart: to the main board, this is certainThe winery in 10 years from 80 million dry to 1.277 billion, but also landed in A shares, than Haidilao, Fat Donglai more cattle | Video · Old Qin conference room in Africa brewing liquor, selling fire,Yang Zixiang, chairman of Zanmao Liquor Overseas practice the first case | Video · Old Qin meeting room dialogue Yang Lingjiang: next year, the first batch of franchisers expire someone quit how to do?Did not set up shop according to the plan management did not follow up?Will Alibaba invest in 1919?| video, old saloon “old saloon” qin qin: king top to female master zhuang wine video | cloud “old qin lounge” : so you are such a better director | cloud wine video “old qin lounge” : entrepreneurs cao | cloud wine video “old qin lounge” : after the compromise Yang Lingjiang | cloud wine video “old qin lounge” : “Shang Siling” forced out | cloud wine video “old qin lounge” :The natural growth of TaoShiQuan | cloud wine video “old qin lounge” : “not on” behind the controversial Noah xie wine video | cloud behind billions acquisition wine Zhong Fang da | old saloon Liang Bangchang “revelation” | old qin qin lounge farewell hard times, by the end of next year, west chicken enterprise brand and operate brand sales flat Yang Lingjiang:Now is 1919 the healthiest time | Old Qin meeting room Chen Lizhong: Those who know are fearless | Old Qin meeting room “ten bet nine lose” Fan Shaohui, what is the chance of winning?The fifth season of “Old Qin Meeting Room” begins: Discover new species, the first episode dialogue Zhang Xuefeng old Qin meeting room dialogue Hou Xiaohai (1) : What on earth does snow create?Hou Xiaohai (below) : What on earth did snow create?Zhu Zhenhao: A Man chasing Shui Jing Fang Liang Mingfeng: What’s the purpose of making soy wine?Li Shiyi: I have chosen the “most difficult path for the next 30 years”.