Welcome the God of wealth!These 5 kinds of snacks are festive and delicious, implying high promotion year after year, a wide range of financial resources

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Welcome the god of wealth on the fifth day of the lunar New Year. Did you eat rice cakes today?The five foods we share today include various flavors of rice cake and the recipe of Jinyuanbao steamed bread, which means good taste and good appearance, and a good source of money.Baked rice cake: pure milk 150 grams, corn 30 grams, 30 grams of sugar, no aluminum baking powder 3 grams, egg 1, 160 g glutinous rice powder: 1, pure milk, corn oil, sugar, no aluminum baking powder fully stir well to emulsification state after adding glutinous rice flour, eggs, fully stirring to particles and very fine paste.2. Line the inside of the mold with oil paper, brush the sides with oil to prevent sticking, pour glutinous rice flour paste inside, put it into the preheated oven, bake it at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.Tips: during baking, glutinous rice flour will expand and become high due to aluminum-free baking powder, but it will shrink and collapse due to heat expansion and cold contraction after baking.Baking powder should be aluminum-free.When you don’t have corn oil, switch to a less smelly cooking oil, peanut or soybean.Steamed rice cake: Rhubarb rice noodles (cake noodles), red dates, honey dates: 1, prepare an appropriate amount of rhubarb rice noodles, a small number of times with boiling water to begin the hot noodles, and finally keep stirring until a grip can be formed, release the hand will be easy to loose the degree of opening.2, put oil paper on the drawer, put rhubarb rice noodles, gently spread with your hands, steam for about 15 minutes to shape until done.3. When the time is up, open the lid and continue to add dates, red dates and rhubarb rice noodles layer by layer. Steam them until they are fully cooked.4. After thoroughly steamed, put the cake with cold water, and finally put it firmly. When cut, cover it with plastic wrap and eat it.Tips: don’t press rhubarb rice noodles hard when you put them in the steamer. Just smooth them with your hands.Red dates should be cooked in advance or soaked in hair. If they are too big, break them into small pieces.Fried Rice cake: 330g warm water, 60g brown sugar, 400g glutinous rice flour, 20g edible oil, flour, starch, water, edible oil:1. Mix warm water, brown sugar and glutinous rice flour together until the batter is not delicate and has no particles. Then continue to add cooking oil and stir evenly, cover the surface with a plastic film, poke a few holes for air permeability, put cold water on the pot, steam for 45 minutes until done.2. Wait until the dough cools, then unmold. Continue to cut into square pieces.3. Add flour and starch in a ratio of one to one. Add water and cooking oil and stir them completely to make a fine batter.Tips: Every family uses different brands of glutinous rice flour, so the amount of water absorption is also different. You should adjust the amount of water several times when adding water.The freshly fried pastry is crisp and delicious!1. Wash and peel sweet potatoes and cut them into slices, then steam them in a pot, add white sugar and pound them into a very delicate sweet potato mud while it is hot.2. After the sweet potato is pressed, add glutinous rice flour to it several times. Finally, knead it into a slightly harder dough and steam it in a pot in a mold.3, after steamed, cut into pieces, and then put into the electric pancake pan, brush oil until golden brown on both sides can be out of the pot.Sticky rice flour should be added several times in small amounts, because there is too much water in the steamed sweet potato, so it must be added several times in small amounts, and then knead until the dough is slightly hard.The process of steaming the rice cake is a little bit long, and it will be sticky when it comes out and cut into pieces. You can wait for it to cool down a little before cutting.1. After washing the pumpkin, peel it and cut it into thin slices. Then steam it in the pot, which takes about 15 minutes.2, when the pumpkin mud temperature is not hot, add high sugar resistant yeast, always stir well and then add flour a few times, and finally stir into a flocky surface, knead into a smooth medium soft and hard dough.3. Roll the dough into strips, and make evenly sized dough.4, the dough agent knead round after rubbing into a cylinder, continue to knead into the concave middle convex shape on both sides, on both sides by hand flat, folded and pinched, just in the middle of the extrusion part and then a little press.5. After all the modeling is done, the seal is relaxed for half an hour, and finally the pot is steamed with cold water for 20 minutes and the pot is stuffy for 5 minutes.The dough of yuanbao steamed bread should not be too soft as it is easy to distort when steamed.The dough only needs to relax once. It’s easy and convenient.I am delicious food two ha, if you like, give me a point of attention!