Why does “deterrence” come from Russia’s game with the West?Strategic weapons are not the only bargaining chip

2022-04-30 0 By

Throughout today’s tense standoff with Ukraine, Russia has not lost its dominant position, from the beginning to a series of security talks aimed at detente.The Russian military has always had its own coping strategy. In the game with western countries, it showed a style of neither making trouble nor being afraid of trouble, and played a full deterrent role in Ukraine and NATO, which made the outside world very concerned about the trend of the situation in Russia and Ukraine.In surface, Russia and Ukraine and NATO a stand-off, stalemate atmosphere, war, Russia seems to face the enemy more than I the status quo of oligonucleotides, but from the Russian military deployment, it is not hard to see its strategic nuclear weapons and equipment, and have completely superior to Ukraine and NATO, both cannot be the same.Russia’s real rival is the Real enemy behind the scenes, the United States, over NATO and Ukraine.In terms of military expenditure and the number of weapons and equipment, Russia’s military expenditure always accounts for a large proportion. The sea-based “Zircon” class 3 hypersonic missiles and intercontinental missiles are all weapons with full deterrence.In addition to weapons on the border, Russia has strengthened maritime ties and security cooperation with Armenia, which will pose a threat to NATO on land and sea.In addition, energy is also one of Russia’s anti-sanctions means, and the soaring energy prices in Europe have added to its difficulties.In terms of economy, Russia has also been subject to sanctions from the United States. The United States hopes to make Russia, which already has economic weakness, always at a disadvantage in trade, and regards the supply of raw materials as the point of development for Russia. However, the change and demand of energy also opens another window for Russia’s economy.It can not only be used as the main object of foreign trade to help Ross reduce the shackles of economic sanctions, but also increase foreign trade income, and can also be used as a counterweight to contain the West, so as not to be stuck.However, Russia does not completely form an absolute confrontation with the United States, and in the process of the struggle, it has appropriately balanced its relations with the United States.Visible, the game of Russia and the west has been difficult to judging from boundaries clear who is winning and losing, strife between the great powers tend to be driven by their own interests, and throughout history, Russia and the United States has formed its own unique diplomatic style and the style, weapons and equipment is not as the only chip, otherwise will bring mankind indelible disaster.Experts also say that the two countries should focus more on dialogue and that dialogue should prevail over conflict.