An American major was asked by a British netizen: Is he most afraid of attacking China or Japan?”Said the major

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“If a war broke out, would you rather fight China or Japan?”A British netizen once asked an American major.If you look at the two wars that the United States fought with Japan and China, the answer is pretty obvious.So which two wars?In the event of another war, would the United States prefer to fight China or Japan?When the British netizen raised this question, the American major also fell into silence, although the major did not give a direct response.However, many British and American netizens have been engaged in a heated discussion on this issue, and the results of their discussion have all pointed to the two wars.Which two wars?Many of you may have guessed that the United States and China, the Korean War, and the United States and Japan broke out in the Pacific War.Let’s start with the struggle between the United States and China on the Korean battlefield.In 1950, civil war broke out on the Korean Peninsula, and the South was defeated by the North, and at one point the North took over 90 percent of the South.War can be at this time, the United Nations led by the United States, blatantly sent troops to the Korean Peninsula, North Korea was quickly defeated by the United States, the battlefield situation dramatically changed.Arrogance of the United States, do not listen to our country to its warning, even openly across the 38th line, the flames of war burned to the northeast of China near the Yalu River.The northeast of China and the Korean Peninsula, originally is the relationship between the lips and teeth cold, once the United States occupies the entire Korean Peninsula, it will be a serious threat to the security of our territory.Frivolous The United States does not believe that at this time China sent troops to aid Korea, but they did not think of is that China not only sent troops to aid Korea, and the first war sent 300,000 people.The careless American army of our volunteers could not have foreseen that China would have such boldness.On October 25, the first battle against the United States to aid North Officially started, the United Nations army headed by the United States, was overwhelming our army volunteers, hit helmet-threw and fled in panic.In this battle, The Chinese volunteers also captured a number of American prisoners of war. However, the United Nations army led by General MacArthur did not expect that with 100 American prisoners of war, the United Nations army cheated 36,000 people of their lives, including 24,000 American soldiers. What is going on here?Originally, at that time, the volunteers can follow up the victory and thoroughly attack the United Nations army, but the weapons and equipment are not in the ascendance, if the hasty action, will be found by the United States to launch a counterattack, then will lose a great advantage.American prisoners of war so Peng Mister decided to release American prisoners of war, lure the enemy to surround and annihilate.As expected, MacArthur, who had always been arrogant, actually believed that this was a “plea for mercy” from the Chinese volunteers. The volunteers could not resist and were ready to “flee back” to China.Once again the enemy of MacArthur, led 36 thousand United Nations forces so, fell into the peng boss designed good pocket, with the volunteers thrust into the offensive, the United Nations forces were beaten across the line, no defense potential.Unconvinced, MacArthur decided to take people to fight back again, and threatened: to end the war before Christmas, and a comprehensive occupation of the Korean Peninsula.However, it was not long before the UN forces were again beaten back by our troops.On the western front, the United Nations prepared to flee to longyuan, after being rushed to catch up with our 38 army, successfully blocked the enemy’s retreat road, and launched a fierce battle of pine Peak.North Korean army soldiers on the battlefield on the eastern front, us and our volunteers in long lake area, tianjin, launched a harsh, bitter under natural conditions, the first world war, volunteers success made us very proud annihilation, infantry, the polar bear group to U.S. marines tutor played to lose ground, retreat to xing 19-23.The victory of the second battle shattered the illusion that American forces would fully occupy the Korean peninsula by Christmas Eve.It became one of the great Waterloo events in the history of American warfare, and it was called by the United States military the greatest battle of shame.After a number of battles again and again refresh, the United States on the Chinese volunteer army’s cognition, more will be stable in the front of the 38th parallel near, forcing the United States had to put forward an armistice agreement.The war between China and the United States ended with the armistice chosen by the United States. This war played the military power of our country and also became the biggest failure in the history of the American war.What about the contest between the United States and Japan?The Battle of Chotsu Lake the Battle between Japan and the United States was one of the most important battles of world War II that resulted in Japan’s defeat.The war began with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.At the end of December 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the military stronghold of the United States, without warning.The Pacific Fleet of the United States suffered a devastating blow.This shameless behavior of Japan, completely angered the United States, so the United States did not want to participate in World War II, was forced to be dragged into the beginning of the War against Japan, so that the Pacific War officially opened the prelude.At the beginning of the confrontation between the two sides, the American army was defeated by the Fierce attack of the Japanese army and was beaten steadily retreat.But then came the Battle of Midway, where the Advanced Intelligence system of the United States got a sense of what the Japanese were doing in advance, and that battle ultimately dealt a major blow to the Naval power of the Japanese army, allowing the Japanese to see the true strength of the American navy.In fact, the Pacific War, which attacked the Pearl Harbor of the United States, was about the naval strength of the two countries. In a war at sea, what was more important was the ability of logistics and supply, which was different from the war on land. The materials needed by the troops on land, such as ammunition, food and fuel oil, could be solved in the occupied area.In the Pacific, because the troops are stationed on various islands, the ocean is a natural encirclement. All the Supplies of the Japanese army need to be carried out by sea. Once the supply lines are cut off at sea, they will fall into the target of public criticism.At the end of the Battle of Midway, the Strength of the Japanese navy was dealt a blow.The United States, with its developed military industry, quickly recovered the Pacific fleet, which had been devastated at Pearl Harbor.At that time, Japan had a big miscalculation about the strength of the United States. Japan thought that it would take at least three or five years for the United States to recover from the attack on Pearl Harbor, a major military site. However, it took the United States six months to restore the Pacific fleet.When American ships were blown up by the Japanese, it was impossible for Japan to recover its naval power quickly, as it was deeply involved in the War in China and experienced severe damage at home.In the subsequent Pacific battlefield, Japan began to fall behind, so Japan decided to occupy guadalcanal, establish military bases on guadalcanal, in order to cut off the supply lines of the American army.The U.S. army also thought of this idea, so quickly sent a small landing ship, first occupied guadalcanal.In order to recapture the island, the Japanese army and the United States launched more than half a year of guadalao battle.Japan cut off oil supplies in the land, sea and air three aspects by the United States, the Japanese have sent troops and military confrontation, the campaign, consumes a lot of ships and planes also casualties than American and Japan, the Japan after war of attrition, and choose to withdraw American troops eventually occupied guadalcanal, win the battle.This battle was another defeat for Japan after the Battle of Midway island. At this time, Japan had basically lost its sea control and turned from a strategic advantage to a strategic disadvantage. The HOPE for the VICTORY of the American army was increasing.The Japanese were completely defeated by the Americans in the Battle of Okinawa, and the Pacific War ended in Japan’s defeat.If you were a major in the United States, would you choose to fight China or Japan if another war broke out?The answer is clear, after heated discussions in the UK and the US.The United States, once militarily powerful, launched a shocking war against the United States and aid Korea with China on the Korean battlefield. In the Pacific, the United States fought the Pacific War with Japan.In terms of the course and outcome of these two wars, who is the most powerful?It goes without saying.When it comes to the strength of the United States, it can be said that it dominated the world at that time.For more than 200 years, the United States has waged countless wars and rarely lost them.But in the encounter with The Chinese volunteers, the United States has stumbled, the war against the United States to aid Korea, is the strongest in the United States, encountered a huge failure.The discomfited retreat of Changjin Lake during the War of Resistance to The United States and Aid to Korea was the greatest humiliation in the military history of the United States. We should know that our army at that time was far behind the United States in weapons and equipment and logistics.The US military uses advanced aircraft cannons, while China only has old weapons left over from WORLD War II, even aircraft and fighters are few, and the air control is completely occupied by the US.In the face of a fully mechanized American army, the Volunteers were supposed to have no advantage, but even with such a disparity in military strength, the Chinese volunteers completely beat and ran the Americans.Chinese volunteers always have a spirit of unyielding and not afraid of sacrifice. They fight hand-to-hand combat without weapons and rely on hand-to-hand combat without knives. This spirit of not afraid of death is not found in the American army, but also makes the American army scared.The morale of our army is not afraid of sacrifice. In the extreme bad weather of minus 40 degrees Celsius, the volunteers in thin cotton suits rushed through the snow, and completed one after another, incredible resistance battles. This kind of strong willpower is far beyond the reach of the American army.China is now a completely changed country with one of the world’s best militaries.Japan, on the other hand, became a puppet of the US directly after the end of world War II.It has to be said that it was under the help of the United States that Japan’s economy was able to develop rapidly, but Japan also lost more opportunities for development, the Japanese army and military institutions were abolished, and only the self Defense Force could be established.The “Ice Company” soldiers were frozen to death in Chotsu Lake and were not allowed to develop nuclear weapons. One fifth of the US military bases are in Japan, which is now completely controlled by the US.As America’s junior brother, the US knows all too well what is going on in Japan.So if war breaks out and America has to make a choice, it will be Japan.China was able to beat the US even when they were so outgunned, not to mention now that China is the top military power in the world.Japan, which had invaded other countries, is still controlled by the United States.So the answer to the question posed by UK netizens is obvious.