Chinese New Year is still in the air, with World of Tanks welcoming its 1.16 preview

2022-05-01 0 By

According to the Customs of the Spring Festival, today is the day of every family to meet the god of wealth, here I wish you a wide range of financial resources, step by step!How was the commanders’ Spring Festival?Today, The Spring Festival activities of World of Tanks are still underway, and the preview of the new version 1.16 was released yesterday. If you join the game, you can pay a lot of benefits. Today, let me take you to know about it.The most popular Chinese New Year event is the “Woltiger Forest” hunt, which is a good chance to get the powerful Tier 9 C heavy premium tank “WZ 114” for free.The event is divided into two episodes, “Hunt the Phantom” and “Tiger Leap.” Each stage of Episode I offers a 10% discount on the purchase of “WZ 114” (there are 10 episodes in total), and completing Episode II also gives you the exclusive 3D style “Tiger’s Claws” for free.Surprisingly, WZ 114 has bonus attributes, which will give us more credits, xp, war bonds in battle, and avoid the penalty of changing crew.Exclusive style “Tiger’s Claw” also has two forms (full and partial), luxurious and simple by your choice.The second is the “Spring Festival Blessing” activity, commanders can send red envelopes to each other in the game, collecting red envelopes to open decorations can also bring silver coins and bonus experience.Currently, there are three types of red envelopes: “Conquering the Enemy,” “Roaring tiger breeds wind,” and “Lucky Tiger gives good fortune,” which can be obtained for daily tasks and armory purchases.It should be noted that special decoration can bring two types of bonus, choose it to add decorative album income is obviously higher;The gift of red envelopes can promote our personal progress of “Spring Festival blessing”. For each new level we reach, we will receive a medal, a medal, and a red envelope of “tiger roaring gives birth to wind”.Let’s talk about some other benefits that are also worth paying attention to.There are 6 new rare premium tanks in the armory, they are stylish and powerful, and you can also get the generic Black gold Fuhu 2D style with the year of the Tiger theme, as well as the “Stealth” and “Tiger Roar” decals.Battle with a tier 4 or higher tank will be rewarded with 5 times the first win experience, command, decals, supplies, premium account days, as well as a discount on the development of the tank, 15% discount for tier 8-10 credits, 30% discount for tier 6 and 7!Finally, look at the forward-looking changes to 1.16, a new version that is more balanced and interesting.First of all, the Siegfried Line, Phantom Town, and Ellersburg maps have been improved in standard mode so that the terrain advantages of both sides of the battle are more balanced, and several of the standard mode maps have added offensive and defensive battles.Second, the third season of 2021-2022 qualifying is now being tested, and more lucrative rewards and exciting gameplay await us.The Spring Festival atmosphere of World of Tanks continues, and the new version is on its way, so enjoy the game!