Fuzhou: enjoy the literature travel dinner has a blessed year

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Taste fuzhou folk customs in the intangible Heritage Exhibition hall, learn about the past and present life of Banyan City in the three lanes and seven lanes, take a cruise on the inland river to explore the beauty of ecology…In the blessed state, citizens can participate in all kinds of cultural and tourism activities without traveling far, and enjoy the bustling New Year in the flavor of Fujian Capital.In three lanes and seven lanes, visitors watch the old scenes of lanes and lanes.Reporter Yuan Hao shot the intangible cultural heritage to send blessing folk sound in the taste of the New Year Fujian opera “Red Skirt” ziziqu opera, play song “Blessing Fuzhou”, Fujian opera singing “send Phoenix Crown”……On 5th, sanjiangkou Ecological Park, the sound of silk and bamboo, applause waves, “the year of the Tiger is blessed with a blessed state” 2022 China · Fuzhou New Year culture and Tourism month Fujian opera special performance is held here, the performance is elegant fujian accent and fujian rhyme, bringing full of blessings, for the New Year’s banyan city added a thick flavor.Since the first day of the first lunar month, the city Culture and Tourism Bureau has organized a series of performances for the benefit of the people. Taking “fu” culture as the theme, chisinging, storytelling, Minju opera have been staged in major parks, ancient houses, scenic spots and communities in the city.Let people enjoy the intangible cultural heritage feast.The city’s intangible cultural Heritage Exhibition hall, located in Roche Silk And Satin Zhuang, launched a series of intangible cultural heritage exhibits with the theme of “Tiger Tiger Is alive and powerful”.Tiger theme of wood carvings, Shoushan stone carvings, wood painting works, bodiless lacquer works and other collective appearance, attracted to the museum’s citizens have taken out their mobile phones to shoot.Citizen Wang Zhixian said: “‘ Tiger ‘and’ blessing ‘homonym, the tiger theme of the INTANGIBLE Cultural Heritage exhibits are both appropriate and blessed, let us touch the blessing.”In addition to static displays of intangible cultural heritage works, intangible cultural heritage performances such as Peking Opera, Crane Ming boxing and Confucian boxing and a series of interactive projects will let the public enjoy the charm of intangible cultural heritage.”This is my cut ‘fu’ character!””This is my tiger!”During the Spring Festival, many children who visited the intangible Heritage exhibition hall “unlocked” their paper-cutting skills.The intangible Heritage exhibition hall invited a number of non-genetic inhertors, such as paper cutting, wood painting carving, changle Wu Hang xi basket making, etc., to demonstrate their skills on site and provide guidance for citizens.”The experiential display and production of intangible cultural heritage skills can stimulate children’s interest in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, so that intangible cultural heritage will be passed on from generation to generation.”Citizen Chen Zhongqi said.After eating the New Year’s Eve dinner, watching the Spring Festival Gala, the first day of the New Year after the worship of the Chinese New Year, the use of the Spring Festival holiday leisure in the countryside, enjoy the green mountains and clear water at the door has become a lot of people returning home for the Spring Festival.Twenty thousand windmills whirl in the field, color wall painting to show the educated youth culture, far dai green mountains shrouded in light clouds…In the educated Youth town of Downhole Village, Baisha Town, Minhou County, a pastoral windmill festival in the field has become a “beautiful scenery around” that many citizens do not want to miss.”I didn’t expect white Sand to be so beautiful.”Zheng Xiaomin, who returned to Baisha for the Spring Festival from Nanjing this year, will freeze the beautiful scenery everywhere in his mobile phone.Having not returned to her hometown for the Spring Festival for many years, she was deeply shocked: “Before, when we returned home for the Spring Festival, we had no other place to go but to stay at home. Now we have more and more places to visit in the countryside.During the Spring Festival Golden week, I want to visit all places in Baisha.”In addition to local residents, urban residents are also attracted to leisurely and tranquil country trips.”I brought my girlfriend along to experience the romance of the countryside after seeing other people sharing the beautiful scenery on my short video platform.”Lin Xing, a citizen who drives from downtown, said.The thousands of acres of cherry blossoms in The Minhou Lake attract tourists to enjoy the spring outing.Reporter Chi Yuan mindu find fu ancient streets and lanes to know the history of the first day of the New Year, such as woven visitors and such as fire festival constituted three lanes seven lane a different scenery.”It has become a custom in our family to visit three lanes and seven alleys during the Spring Festival.”On the fourth day of the New Year, zhao Wenjing, a couple with their children, told the reporter that there are teahouses, pawnshops and various famous snack shops in the block, which are the testimony of fuzhou traditional culture.”We come here to experience the authentic folk customs of Fuzhou, visit the ancient house and feel the atmosphere of the New Year.”Zhao wenjing said.”Nanhoujie used to look like this in 2007. What a big change!”During the Spring Festival, Sanfang and Qixiang also held “the first Neighborhood Festival and local art exhibition”.On Nanhoujie, a long scroll of pictures named “Instant · Endless” allows visitors to feel the overlap of time in the same space and witness the past life of Nanhoujie.”Time and Space Turn Lane”, “Dream Home”, “A Bite of Lane” and other exhibition areas focus on the images of ancient Cuo residents.Browse the old scenery of the three lanes and seven alleys from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, and look through the family photo albums of celebrities in the lanes, so that citizens can feel the real, vivid and tender three lanes and seven alleys.Of all the traditional festivals, the Spring Festival is most closely associated with eating. No matter where you are, the unique flavor of the New Year contained in food is a lingering nostalgia and memory for people.During the Spring Festival holiday, many people brought their families and friends to enjoy the traditional fuzhou food and local snacks.Boiling pot bottom, rolling ingredients, diffuse steam, the smell of fresh fragrance…Zhou Xin, a girl from Sichuan province, is enjoying the taste of her hometown with her friends at the wang Lao Chengdu Chuan Chuan Xiang Train restaurant in Daming Food Street.”This is my third time to daming Food Street. There are not only fuzhou delicacies, but also the taste of my hometown.”Zhou told reporters that it was her first time to spend the Spring Festival in a different place, so she invited her friends to taste the delicious food.”Although I am in a foreign country, I am happy to have friends and good food.”In less than 500 meters of Daming food street, brought together all over the flavor of mobile food trucks and a family of food shops, dazzling array of Beautiful food categories, the public walk while looking for their favorite food.On the banks of the Wulong River, more than 70,000 tulips, covering an area of 1,800 square meters, are in full bloom during the Spring Festival. There are 14 varieties of tulips, including double tulips with flash points, crystal stars of delicate yellow and pink carolas, which form a picturesque scenery beside a large beach.Park also set up a variety of identification cards, to help you “knowledge”.Last December, sand Beach Park recruited a group of citizens to plant a tulip together with the park’s director, and also gave away more than 300 tulip balls, so that citizens can “bloom at home”.Yesterday, the rain took a break, Ms. Yang took her children to the park, looking for tulips planted at that time, to welcome spring.In addition to the two rivers and four banks brought landscape view gallery, inland river opened cruise ship also brings different experience to the public.”I met my bestie during the Spring Festival when I knew liuhuaxi Park had a new cruise.”Ms. Lin said that sitting on the boat, looking at the green trees on both sides, feeling relaxed and happy.Luo, who lives in the streets of Shanghai, took his children on the White Horse River cruise.Set sail from Liming Lake Park and disembark near Yangqiao Road with a chance to see waterbirds up close along the way.”I have been walking in baima River Park since I was a child. I found so many Bridges on the way by boat. Now the river is clean and the trees are shady, which makes me feel the charm of Fuzhou, a mountain and water city, from another Angle.”He said.