Nets into unexpected crisis, the team has no one available, the trade is helpless

2022-05-01 0 By

What is more to the trade deadline, the news of the explosive will come out, according to a report in the Shams, the nets to harden trading in the open state, and has a great interest in Philadelphia, they are now trying to chase harden, it’s really very surprised people expected, to know shortly in the nets just rumours harden and Philadelphia will conclude the transaction,The nets won’t accept any deals on harden, because harden the nets management has very serious want to express, he is willing to stay in the nets and hope to be able to help the nets get a championship, but now the nets attitudes great changes have taken place, in Philadelphia has been a hope can through the trading simmons, in exchange for an all-star to help them win,Harden clearly fits that need, so when the Nets were open to trading harden, there was a lot of interest from Philadelphia.The nets in terms of trade to harden is expected, but I didn’t want to actually really want to come true, it seems that the nets internal crisis more serious than we thought, “big three” carmakers durant was injured, it is absolutely impossible durant transaction, the Owen, though a few games on the road, play is good, a few slightly depressed recently,But as a part-time or good, but Owen this professional attitude and his idea, let Owen, the start of the season in the market value was reduced a lot, harden this season really depressed time too much, even in a few days ago the king of the game, only four 37 minutes, surprised Kings coach terry said gold,It is harden microcosm at the time of the season, in addition to harden also suffered the injury to get long-term impact, or there is something wrong with the hand, or a hamstring strain had hit, even in the game today harden suffered a left leg muscle strain missed the game again, harden the status of that produce very big confidence crisis, nets haddon also can bring help to the team?Union and averaging 37 minutes in the fourth high playing time, he completely don’t have the time to make thorough treatment of his injuries, the nets have been in a malaise, facing a more serious problem than the lakers, today there are news, basket of tennis team Harris may be secondary ankle surgery, his return is not 100% chance this season,In this situation, the Nets are really empty. Once they return home, mills is leading a group of veterans and young players to play, and mills may be the next injury. Obviously, such a team crisis is unacceptable to the Nets, and a trade may become their last or even the only option.The nets happen, really let a person beyond the wildest dreams, three giant finally also thoroughly collapse, but to say something is in the bucks have to bear the responsibility, must not injured in the playoffs if harden, this season may not be out of condition to what it is today, that nets is so see more love dearly, originally a capable team has won,Now they’re in sixth place in the Eastern Conference, and there’s a real possibility that the Nets won’t make the playoffs once they get to the play-offs. It’s all on everyone in the Nets, and trading Harden is their last chance.