“One road, one Mind” has made it safer for people to travel

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On the morning of March 2nd, in the hall of the joint dispatch and command center in the courtyard of Shandong High-speed Zibo Development Co., LTD., 6 road management and traffic police officers were staring at the real-time images of vehicles running from each monitoring point in 48 small screens on the big screen in front of them.”9:20, received a rescue call from the driver of an Audi car due to vehicle tire explosion at 62 km +500 meters binzhou direction of Bintai Expressway;9:27, road management personnel arrived at the scene, and immediately set up a safety protection marker;At 9:40, the broken vehicle was safely towed away from the scene and the road was cleared.”Niu Yuhua, the squadron commander on duty, said when asked if there was any emergency.”Examples of quick rescues like this happen almost every day.Thanks to under the strong leadership of party committee of shandong high-speed group, we break through the industry and regional barriers, with the traffic police detachment and zibo zibo highway transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement team building close coordination mechanism, in the province take the lead in successfully create ‘all the three parties’ joint logistics linkage mechanism, from the party to the specific business to conduct a comprehensive integration, create a’ a way,One-stop ’emergency guarantee service brand, so that people travel faster and safer.”Shandong high speed Zibo development limited company party secretary, chairman Li Haisheng said.It is understood that the three parties from the two aspects of software and hardware, around the construction of “one platform” and “two integration”, to establish a standardized, standardized and normalized joint attendance linkage mechanism.By creating “one platform”, the first joint dispatch command center in the province was jointly established, 24-hour joint duty was implemented, flat dispatch command mechanism was innovated, and a new emergency command and dispatch pattern with seamless monitoring and dispatch, seamless information transmission and uninterrupted whole monitoring was realized.Through the innovation of the integrated stationing mechanism, the three parties jointly deployed 11 24-hour emergency stationing points along the routes, covering all emergency handling points along the roads.Through the high-speed 96659 service hotline and the public security 12122 police reception integration platform synchronous police reception, by the command center unified according to the situation of the instruction, realize the synchronous police reception and disposal, reduce the intermediate transmission process.At the same time, relying on variable information board, mobile App, LED screen and other carriers, to provide the public with accurate road condition query, road control measures, rescue and other comprehensive, efficient, three-dimensional travel services.Through the integrated construction of emergency response, a linkage mechanism for emergency response of expressway accidents has been established, and the “three simultaneity” working method of cleaning up the scene together, dredging traffic together and evacuating the scene together has been implemented, realizing a new situation of rapid information release, dispatching and handling, obstacle removal and rescue, and control lifting.At the same time, it has also established a multi-level and all-round working mechanism of resource sharing and complementary advantages through signing joint construction agreements, building a system of party building and co-construction, establishing a joint conference system and wechat groups.”The ‘three parties along the Road’ joint attendance mechanism not only realizes’ one road, one mind ‘, but also promotes the ‘double improvement’ of Party building and business, public satisfaction and brand influence, operation and management level and service quality.Last year’s party committee shall submit the party leading the concentric bao chang Create “a road, and a” party “brand was awarded the shandong provincial enterprise party construction of ideological and political work of outstanding research results second prize, and was provincial politics and law committee, the provincial public security bureau, zibo city party committee party history learning education as the ‘I get things done for the populace of the typical cases.At the same time, the efficiency of road rescue and the level of accident rescue have been significantly improved, with the average arrival time of emergency response shortened to 13 minutes and the average clearance time shortened to 15 minutes.In 2021, the average arrival time and the average clearance time will be reduced by 35% and 34% respectively.The number of traffic control closures decreased 41.98% compared to the same period in 2020.”Company party committee deputy secretary, general manager Zhang Xingliang said.”The three parties have become a family.No matter which side of the staff, find the problem, immediately send to the wechat group, according to the principle of nearby disposal, timely dispatch to deal with.Especially in the case of insufficient police force, the company’s road management personnel have made a good supplement. After unified training, the ability to deal with emergencies and bad weather has generally improved and become more efficient.”Zibo highway traffic police detachment business guidance brigade deputy captain Liu Zhubao said.On this basis, the company continuously extension synergy breadth, joint development of binzhou, zibo pipe center and the earthly seven units such as high-speed traffic police signed the “highway region linkage framework agreement”, in the network collaborative management, information sharing and protection, such as emergency rescue for deeper and all-dimensional cooperation.”Next, we will build a new Zibo regional digital scheduling center, build a one-stop service hall, put the functions of the three parties on a platform, sharing a network, a map, a process, a command;Let the masses from the past ‘one hospital three places’ to handle road-related business, into the service hall directly handle, let the’ road three parties’ joint attendance linkage mechanism to better provide high-quality services for the masses to travel, with practical action to meet the party’s 20th victory.”Li Haisheng said.Source: Dazhong Daily