The “anti-Japanese” formation of National football team changed from 3 central defenders to 3 midfielders, and Li Xiaopeng completely used wu Lei in tactics

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January 27, the National football team again against Japan no miracle, Li Xiaopeng national football team debut 0-2 defeat, encounter “open black”.In the first leg between China and Japan, li Tie, the coach at the time, lost 1-0. Li’s coaching staff said they “overestimated the opponent”.Before the second round of the Chinese and Japanese teams clash, Li Xiaopeng took over li Tie or with some “new tricks”.On the one hand, there are 15 teaching assistants to help with the work, some to train the goalkeeper, some to train the strikers how to attack, some to teach the defenders how to defend, some to do the ideological work of the players, like “spiritual leaders” and “locker room bosses”, and some to play the role of physical coaches, etc.Nearly 50, on the other hand, international, and second team into the team’s second team simulated the Japanese style, it is said that it’s a little funny, after all, the substitute actual is a far cry from the tactics of literacy and rivals, Japan, both do not like, also do spirit likeness, teaching the team for the second team certainly gives the coaching staff error signals.Before the game, the media revealed that Li Xiaopeng will use 3 central defenders in the second round of the Sino-Japanese war. The formation will be 3-4-3 when attacking and 5-4-1 when defending.However, in this match, The national football Team will start with 4 backs and play 3 back midfielders, goalkeeper Yan Junling, from left to right are Zheng Zheng, Zhu Chenjie, Jiang Guangtai and Zhang Linpeng, from left to right are Zheng Junmin, Wang Shenchao and Xu Xin in the back midfield, and the single forward is Zhang Yuning, followed by Wu Xi and Wu Lei. This is a typical 4-3-2-1 formation.Li Xiaopeng solved the problem of midfield defense exposed in the first leg of the Chinese team and adopted a targeted tactical arrangement.At that time, Li Tie arranged Yan Junling to start. The defensive line from left to right was Wang Shenchao, Leon, Jiang Guangtai, Zhang Linpeng and Wang Gang. The midfield was Yin Hongbo, Wu Xi and Jin Jingdao, and the two forwards were Wu Lei and Aikessen.Comparing the 11 starting players in the two games, the formation changed from 3 central defenders to 4 defenders, from 5-3-2 to 4-3-2-1. Li Xiaopeng, known as “Taishou Li”, adjusted the 5 starting players. From this point of view, Li Xiaopeng is actually not conservative.In the second round, it was a 100% accident when Wang went down to defend on the left side of the penalty area in the first 13 minutes, but the referee still awarded a penalty, which Dayu Yong also converted, to put China 1-0 down.In the full 90 minutes, Japan had 16 shots on goal, while China had only 2.In the 56th minute of the second half, Wei Shihao and Alan replaced Hao Junmin and Zhang Yuning.The 64th minute, the offensive avant-garde Dai Weijun replaced the defensive fullback Zheng Zheng, with the avant-garde for the fullback, Li Xiaopeng obviously to strengthen the attack, the formation has become 4-2-3-1;Deng Hanwen and Liu Yang replaced Zhang Linpeng and Wu Lei respectively in the 89th minute, and the score was already 0-2 in the 61st minute.In fact, Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng fell into the “mistake”, the opponent is strong, the National football team is either 3 central defenders or 5 defenders, or 3 waist, the heavy troops in the back, strengthen the defense, rely on the formation changes for the article, but the process of the match is in a mess.First leg: Possession rate: China 30% : Japan 70%, 3:18 shots, 0-3 shots on target, 72:132 attacks, 24:101 dangerous attacks, 1:6 corner kicks, the score is 0-1.In the second leg, Possession rate was 36 percent for China to 64 percent for Japan. The score was 0-2 with 2 to 7 shots on goal, 0 to 6 shots on target, 71 to 189 attacks, 11 to 69 dangerous attacks and 1 to 11 corner kicks.So, it seems that Li Xiaopeng is not as good as Li Tie, after all, the score is very intuitive, the data is very real.The first leg of the war between China and Japan, after the 61st minute of the second half, Aiksen, Alan, Luo Guofu, Jiang Guangtai 4 big naturalized players on the same field, the attack effect is obvious;Second round, Li Xiaopeng arranged Alan after the game, only 2 naturalized players on the same stage, there is not much threat to attack.To tell the truth, arrange Dai Weijun Li Xiaopeng in Zheng Zheng, become Wang Shen super left-back, formation from 3 lower back into double waist, from the attacking midfielder into 3 playmaker, double waist is China and Wu Xi, striker is Alan, 3 playmaker WeiShiHao, Dai Weijun, lei, scene look good, at least YanJunLing guards no longer feed-back.It is worth noting that Alan, Wei Shihao, Dai Weijun 3 people on the field, the change of the National football team is more forward attack, strong attack consciousness, teammates began to pass forward, rather than pass back;The biggest problem of China’s national football team is that as soon as the four defenders get the ball, they start to pass it back, which makes the goalkeeper scramble and only open his foot.The average age of the starting line-up was 29.3 years old. By the end of the match, the average age was reduced by 2 years. Hao Junmin was 34 years old + Zhang Yuning was 25 years old + Wu Lei was 30 years old + Zheng Zheng was 32 years old + Zhang Linpeng was 32 years old =153 years old.The substitution of Dai Weijun 22 + Wei Shihao 26 + Alan 32 + Deng Hanwen 27 + Liu Yang 26 =133 years old.In fact, veteran Hao Junmin hardly succeeded in holding the ball, controlling the ball and passing the ball on the left side in the first half, let alone strengthening the defense on the left side. The opponent’s attack on the right side was like entering no one’s territory. Comparatively speaking, Zheng zheng’s side was weak in defense.Wu Lei, the “king of martial arts” who is highly expected by the Chinese people, did not have a shot in the 90 minutes and seldom saw his breakthrough with the ball. The key to the problem is that almost no one can accurately pass the ball to Wu Lei’s feet.As the team’s number one star, lei in the sino-japanese war became players score the lowest during the second round, the ball 27 times, 0, 7 times in the ground, succeeded only 3 times, at present, living preliminaries has scored 12 goals, assists 3 ball lei, unexpectedly in Li Xiaopeng debut three defensive midfielders in the tactical system to be used on the “waste”.The National football Team defeated The Japanese team again, entering the World Cup only theoretically possible;The two li coach lost to Mori Bao I, although the formation and score are different, but the process and result are the same, Li Xiaopeng and Li Tie’s tactics are somewhat similar, the first half of the all-out defense, the second half of the attack.At the press conference after the match, Li xiaopeng said, “we think the two sides of the Japanese team are the areas where we may create opportunities. The high pressure of the Japanese team caused us great difficulties, but we did not use the sides of the Japanese team.””The ideal is full, the reality is skinny.”Li Tie or Li Xiaopeng, the common problem is “take it for granted”.