There is a small snow shower in Weihai today

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Today 0:43 points we ushered in the 24 solar terms in the second solar term: rain Weihai meteorological Station on February 19 at 5 o ‘clock weather forecast: today to night, cloudy between cloudy, local small snow, northwest wind 4 ~ 5 gradually enhanced to 5 ~ 6 gusts 7, -1℃ ~ -4℃;Tomorrow day to night, cloudy, nw wind to southwest wind level 5 ~ 6, 0℃ ~ -4℃.”Spring breeze and rain bring new birth to all things.”It rained today.The temperature gradually rises, the rainfall gradually increases, driving should control the speed, increase the distance between the car, in case of water section drive carefully.The sky street is light and moist as the color of crisp grass, but there is no east wind to thaw, and all things revive. The snow and ice turn to water and turn to rain. Under the nourishment of spring rain, the earth begins to show a thriving scene.The water is soft; the river is soft; the otter begins to fish; the geese feel the warmth of spring; they fly back to the north in flocks; the plants are gradually sprouted; they have a soft spring rain; the apricot flowers, the rain blowing on the face; the willow wind; the spring wind; the soft rain; the tenderness between the heaven and the earthPure and fresh and green The spring rain while the falling moistens silence a winter land of grass seedlings greedily sucking nectar seems to have if have no of the little green brewing unlimited vitality Farmers in the field of spring in the shed your silver people are busy doing management, DaChun were each work all on the agenda after the rain, is still a chill of early spring,Also need appropriate “spring cover” in the sun just, fresh air in the place shu Shu shu shu bones and muscles, let your body full of vitality hazy soft spring rain dyed red early cherry,Painted green seedling beds also moistens my heart you let us with infinite longing and hope to embrace a vibrant spring like star source me | integrated the People’s Daily, the Ministry of Public Security traffic management bureau, shandong weather edit | | publicizes great review Zhou Tianen safe driving, civilized travel weihai high-speed traffic police wish you bon voyage!Beijing, April 1 (Xinhua) — Weihai Expressway traffic police have released 69 measures to reform the public security traffic management system since April 1.This lu K car, weiqing high speed reverse, 12 points!One second to adjust the navigation of the next second rear-end car!Traffic police rush to weihai’s rescue after a boy’s leg breaks down during Spring Festival Travel rushGun king weihai high – speed traffic police wins group personal achievements!Latest highway conditions, illegal cases, safe driving knowledge……Are all here