Zhou Song: I was on duty during the Spring Festival to protect people’s safety

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Zhou Song, male, member of the Communist Party of China, from Wuhan, Hubei Province, joined the fire rescue team in December 2011, and is now assistant to the chief of the Fire rescue Station of Jianshe Road, Xingyi Fire Rescue Brigade.For a long time, comrade kingson always stick to the tenet of “serving the people wholeheartedly” beginner’s mind, and put the people in the highest position in the heart, charge before, and when the people most in need of people in distress, ZhuMin in distress, fully showed the noble moral character of loyalty mission, fulfill their duties and take big risks, save the fighting instinct of catastrophe.Practice beginner’s mind Yong as reinforcement on duty for 2022 is comrade kingson team of 11 years, comrade kingson plan originally in 2022 Spring Festival vacation home with his family, and celebrate the Spring Festival family reunion, but in the face of the current strain of epidemic situation, comrade kingson positive response to the state, the municipal government’s call, “to” the Spring Festival I on-the-job after communication with the family,He gave up the opportunity to reunite with his family for the Spring Festival and paid more attention to preparing for the war.As an old firefighter who has worked in the team for 11 years, he knows that the Spring Festival is a festival for the people and a major security node for firefighters. In order to let the people feel safe and enjoy the Spring Festival, they must do a good job in preparing for the duty.Under his leadership, the team commanders and fighters carefully carried out all-round inspection and maintenance of the vehicle equipment, to ensure that the equipment was always in a complete and easy to use state, to ensure that the people can “pull, rush, win” when they need, worthy of the trust of the Party and the government, worthy of the expectations of the people.Practice purpose do practical work focus on serving the people Zhou Song comrades always put the people in the heart of the primary position, near the Spring Festival, Zhou Song thought of more is the fixed point to help the Na Shan village primary school Jiang Shunting, Ren Zirui two pupils.On the afternoon of January 27, Zhou Song applied to the team cadres to visit the two primary school students in Nashan Village.Sympathy, comrade kingson in sent to caffeine arts at the same time with their broad range of kindness, and carefully inquired about their bodies, living and learning situation and the existing difficulties, told they should pay attention to the body to grow at the same time, encourage them to positive and optimistic in the face of life, time to let them feel the party and the government’s concern and care.Since joining the team 11 years ago, Zhou Song has participated in 56 charity donations and condolence activities, a total of 11,500 yuan.Carry out strong words Comprehensive quality, and the strong can kingson comrade masters as assistant, he always carry duties on the shoulder, positive for webmasters to share tasks, good management responsibilities, faithfully practising flag precepts spirit, conscientious in work, hard in training, brave and stubborn in fire fighting, the charge in the emergency rescue in the former, fully in every police tasks.Kingson comrade to join the fire rescue teams for 11 years, participated in more than 1300, fire fighting and rescue and disaster relief missions to rescue trapped personnel 200 people, the evacuation of trapped personnel 2000 more than person, protect state property worth more than 1000 ten thousand yuan, super safe driving 100000 km, a safety responsibility accident did not happen, the individual class 3 times,By the provincial federation of trade unions in recognition of “the province’s most beautiful workers”, by the provincial fire rescue corps in recognition of outstanding Communist Party members, by the state fire detachment as “outstanding soldiers”, 2 red flag car driver, 4 times by the superior awards.Zhou Song comrades with their own practical action to play a firefighter should be a model role, made outstanding contributions to the fire rescue team, fulfill the sacred responsibility and mission, practice a fire guard zhengzheng oath to the party and the people.