From “addition” to “integration” for high quality development of coagulation force

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On February 19, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Party’s press and public opinion work symposium, elaborating deeply on the party’s press and public opinion work’s responsibilities, mission, basic principles and practice path in the new era, providing ideological weapons and action guidelines for the news and public opinion front.In six years, mengzi, melts the media center to study and implement general secretary xi “2, 19” important speech spirit as an important political task, keep in mind that the party’s news public opinion “48” duties, keep innovation, bear as, constantly promote the development of media convergence, improve the party’s news public opinion propagation force, guiding force, influence and credibility,Create a “people idea, people idea into, people idea to do” thick atmosphere.On October 29, 2018, Mengzi City took the lead in establishing the city finance media Center in Honghe Prefecture, and it was listed as one of the 60 county-level finance media center construction promoted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee.Mengzi city integrated the three units into one unit, adjusted the internal “one office and five centers” to “two rooms and three departments”, optimized the personnel allocation, truly changed from “addition” to “integration”, and realized the new pattern of “integrated planning, one collection and writing, multiple generation, multi-end publishing, and the whole network transmission”.Practice center editorial board + implementation team mode, perform daily of lipin before the meeting to convey the subject plan execution team, unified command, unified command, unified operation, unified action, the command line, line, product line, channel lines, radio lines should be in harmony best combine, comprehensive ability, improve the production efficiency and product quality.We will establish a dual-track promotion mechanism for middle-level managers and key business personnel, so that those on and off the staff can enjoy the same professional title evaluation and hiring qualifications and promotion opportunities;Implement the training mode of “invite in” and “go out”, and reach strategic cooperation with Yunnan University and Honghe College to jointly establish teaching and training bases, with more than 50 “noviciaries”, “internships” and “training” every year.It has formulated and improved rules and regulations for the management of all media operations, assessment of target responsibility, and accountability for the safe publication and broadcasting of financial media platforms.The number of staff decreased from 90 to 50 before the reform, the number of publicity platforms increased from 8 to 12 before the reform, the number of weekly broadcast manuscripts increased from about 300 to about 700 before the reform, and the number of original high-quality manuscripts increased by more than three times.The daily reading (playing) of wechat, Weibo, Douyin Kuaishou and other all-media communication matrices exceeds 4 million, covering 113% of the city’s population.The work related to the integration of institutions, platforms, service extension and team building of Mengzi Rong Media Center has been affirmed by party committees and governments at all levels.With technological innovation, the yunnan Smart Cloud “Command Center” management system has been built successively with the concerted efforts of all media publicity. The TV studio and radio recording studio have been transformed and a number of facilities have been updated and improved.Mengzi TV station was upgraded from STANDARD DEFINITION signal to HIGH definition signal. Mengzi Newspaper opened an electronic newspaper called “Mengzi”. The center was elected as the deputy director unit of county-level finance Media Committee of the Provincial Press Association.Today, Mengzi APP is upgraded to version 1.0.5 from 1.0.3, and has obtained the patent right of software works issued by National Copyright Administration.With Today Mengzi APP as the carrier, it can integrate TV, radio, digital news, wechat, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou and other media forms internally, so that all media communication channels can be shared and managed in a centralized way.Connect honghe real estate network, various government affairs, service ports to meet user needs;Connect provincial platforms up to realize interaction and sharing with provincial media resources and technology platforms.It has obtained radio and TELEVISION Channel License, Internet News and Information Service License and Information Network Communication Audio-visual Program License. In 2020, the construction of municipal finance media Center passed provincial inspection and was rated as excellent.It was awarded the top ten County-level Integration Media Center of “Central-Local Linkage · Collaborative Innovation” in Yunnan Province in 2021, the best integration Media Center of and grass-roots demonstration point of “Anti-pornography and Anti-Illegal Publications” in Yunnan Province.Content merit, promote the media services the ability to do radio and television, mengzi television weekly system in “the Associated Press” 6, “legal system view” weekly issue, mengzi own affiliate program “news 976 radio broadcast” I and health “and so on average 256 period, the introduction of the archives” lecture hall of the people all over the world such as 16 foreign programs, increase attraction.The short video “Me and My Motherland” was rated as excellent work by China Film Association, the short video “Wake up my Taste Buds, Start from Mengzi Small Pot Rice Noodles” was rated as the best popularity award by Xinhua News Agency, and the “Ancient Town Xin ‘an” won the second prize of the Spring Festival short video Competition “Colorful Yunnan Stay More Exciting year”.Publicity reports such as “Red Bees Vividly Tell Red Stories” were highly recognized by the provincial Committee and promoted to the Central Committee. The “Red Bees Volunteer Publicity Team” of Mengzi city was awarded the honorary title of advanced Collective in 2021 National Grassroots Theory Publicity.The video of “Glorious Chanipi” was reported on all media platforms such as yunnan Learning Platform, Yunnan Release, and the portal website of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government.Make an excellent service platform, open multiple service functions such as live broadcast and convenient service in Today Mengzi APP, so as to facilitate government services;The “Online political inquiry” platform builds a platform for public opinion expression, timely grasps the trend of public opinion, solves the voice of the masses, and clarifies negative public opinion;We will promote the integration of urban media centers and smart cities, and build an administrative service center at our fingertips.At the same time, strengthen the construction of professional ethics of news and public opinion workers, guide cadres and workers to win the recognition of society and the masses with practical actions;Tree prison “again late today is early, early and late again tomorrow,” the efficiency of the consciousness, the “said we can do, we can do better” as a new norm, mengzi melts the matchmaker ascend team at all, eyesight, brain, saturated, grass-roots level line, on-site interview, investigation, and to be truthful, accurate, comprehensive, objective, push out a batch of “touchs dirt” “dew” “steaming” outstanding works,Tell wonderful Mongolian stories in the people’s fresh language, and contribute media power to revitalize the centennial elegance of Mongolian and enhance its popularity.Mengzi Rong Media Center