Junior high school students “immortal” blackboard fire, the teacher looked reluctant to wipe, net friend: soul painting hand

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It is said that the eyes are the Windows of the human soul, but when people’s eyes see the most beautiful picture, what is that posture?The bulletin boards on campus are full of positive energy, which can definitely become a visual feast for you.These bulletin boards have exquisite structure, beautiful words and key sentences. Every picture and every paragraph are full of students’ dedication to their ideals and love of life, as well as their gratitude to teachers and self-expression.I have to say, the teacher is not willing to erase, full of praise.The “fairy bulletin board” of junior high school students really makes people admire, netizens directly call:Each is hand painting soul every pair of blackboard is the essence of the students collective efforts, it is not only a class’s and grade’s benchmark, more can fully demonstrate the style characteristics of the class, what is more, take your dream annotation on the blackboard, let more people understand the world around him, to understand the world around him in the selfless dedication, ingenuity, struggle for the ideal of students.Innovative ideas and bold innovation are fully displayed in the hands of students, who are wanton in writing their dreams and dedication to the ideal on the blackboard newspaper.After understanding the importance of blackboard newspaper to a class and students, do you know which topics blackboard newspaper can be divided into?Bulletin boards are generally divided into two types: one is based on festivals and the other is centered on socialist core values.What festivals are coming up?Students will be busy, around this festival on the blackboard to tell the warmth of this festival to everyone.Such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Spring Festival.Before the festival, the students drew beautiful illustrations on the board and marked the blessings written by shining sentences to everyone in the festival on the board.The classroom is filled with a festive atmosphere, and it also makes the children pay more attention to their studies.Revolves around the socialist core values that, besides the blackboard, there are close to the society in real time, such as new crown outbreak in recent years, the school will organize students write on the boards, for example, to prevent diseases related topics of blackboard, therefore, not only can improve the children to the attention of the outbreak, also can improve the disease prevention knowledge of students,They also pay more attention to their physical health.Learning board newspaper can also promote the communication spirit of students, promote the feelings between students, but also promote the feelings of students and teachers, the school requires learning board newspaper, and the students are in learning for a long time, for a lot of information are not very understanding.Therefore, students can only go to a variety of information collection, most of the time need team cooperation, so as to cultivate their “team spirit”, coupled with a large number of reference materials to find patterns can also improve their knowledge reserves.Most of the time, such as the library can not access to information, students can also use the computer in the teacher’s office to look up information, often come and go, teachers and students communicate more, then the feelings between teachers and students will be more profound.Especially when looking for a variety of patterns, when the children draw their favorite patterns on the board, but also let the students have a good drawing skills.Don’t look down upon painting this course, learn it well, for some of the students who choose to take the exam of creativity with drawing this one skill base, you can go to choose art on the one hand can also give children greatly extra points.If this part of the students learn better, they can also enter the university in the way of special talents, and develop their painting skills to the level of fine arts.As the saying goes, “skills do not pressure body “, especially for students who have not yet entered the job, have a unique memory, on the road to success in the future, there will be fewer stumbling blocks, for their own life to lay a bright road.If you find that your child also has a good talent for painting, then I hope you can pay attention to it as a parent and encourage your child to develop in art. At present, the market is also very short of such talents, such as illustrator, cartoonist and so on are very popular industries.Of course, painting should be started from an early age. Blackboard newspaper can not only add fun to students’ dull learning life, but also encourage them to study harder and make their goals clear.At the same time, it can also show the elegant demeanor of the class, unite the class and show the students’ fighting spirit.Blackboard newspaper can not only improve students’ learning ability, but also let students know whether they are suitable for the development of art, if your child has such a talent must be paid attention to.