Tianjin launched “forest fire prevention publicity month” activities

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to effectively improve the people’s awareness of forest fire prevention and do a solid job in the city’s spring, especially during the Qingming Festival and “May Day” forest fire prevention work, recently, tianjin forest fire prevention headquarters office deployed in the city to carry out “forest fire prevention publicity month” activities.During the activity, the city vigorously carried out publicity and education on forest fire prevention, focused on improving the awareness of the whole society to use fire in accordance with the law and safety, and created a good atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to forest fire prevention, participate in forest fire prevention and support forest fire prevention.Scientific planning and thorough planning.Districts, each unit should fully recognize the situation facing the current tianjin forest fire prevention work task, grasp the tomb-sweeping day and during the period of “May Day” visitors to the mountains, country parks, wetlands play the favorable opportunity, according to the requirements of “seamless, full coverage”, earnestly the preparations for the “forest fire prevention awareness month”, lay a solid foundation for the activities.Focus on key areas and take multiple measures at the same time.Highlight the key content, key period, key parts, key parts, key people, through the establishment of publicity boards, the production of fire warning flags, printed propaganda slogans, fire prevention manuals, white paper, leaflets and other forms, vigorously promote the implementation of the spirit of the national forest prevention conference, promote the work of fire control according to law.For the areas bordering Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, important facilities, state-owned forest farms, nature reserves, forest tourism scenic spots, closed mountains and forests, forests, increase the daily publicity, so that the alarm bells ringing.Organize large, middle and primary school students to conscientiously carry out forest fire safety education classes, actively educate and guide the relevant personnel who enter the forest region for tourism and business activities to consciously abide by the provisions on the use of fire in the wild, civilized and safe use of fire.Innovate forms and improve actual results.We should adopt publicity forms popular with the masses, draw lessons from cartoons, online buzzwords and other forms to make public interest advertisements and public interest propaganda videos on forest fire prevention, and broadcast them on TV stations, radio stations and new media.To make pictures and CDS reflecting the cases of forest fires at home and abroad and the basic knowledge of forest fire prevention, and carry out itinerant exhibitions and broadcasts;The traditional ways such as propaganda vehicles, propaganda teams, propaganda boards, propaganda slogans, propaganda columns, and loudspeaker broadcasting are used to penetrate into people’s lives and create a strong atmosphere.Carry out various forest fire prevention publicity activities according to local conditions, adhere to the “combination of dredge and blockage”, actively advocate civilized worship and sweep, educate the masses to change customs, break superstition, and strive to create a good atmosphere of forest fire prevention with conscious participation and supervision by the whole people.Comprehensive coverage, strengthen supervision.Take strong measures to carry out forest fire prevention publicity and education according to local conditions, truly normalize the publicity and education, fully promote the “forest fire code”, achieve the “prevention period is staged, uninterrupted publicity”, and actively create a strong atmosphere of forest fire prevention that everyone pays attention to, everyone supports and everyone participates in.Vigorously strengthen the positive publicity of advanced models, dig out a number of collective and individual advanced deeds emerging in the prevention of forest fire risks, and promptly summarize and popularize the typical practices and advanced experience in forest fire prevention work.At the same time, the negative typical of illegal use of fire should increase the exposure of the notification, play a warning role, effectively enhance the awareness of the masses to prevent fire, and form a good atmosphere of mass prevention and treatment.Source: People’s Daily